Introducing UEDI

Take control of a hot-headed reporter named UEDI (pronounced ‘Weddy’), as she infiltrates a world placed on interplanetary lockdown by its ruling dictator Hazuki. Hunting for both an estranged friend and the inside-story on Hazuki's nefarious plans, which are locked deep within his impenetrable citadel, UEDI is thrown into a war. Her only hope for survival is to join the rebellion.

Roam the beautiful open world, loot rations, craft supplies, fight mech, repair vehicles and delve deep into the fractured history of Hazuki's World.

UEDI is an outsider in this strange world, bold and head-strong but also in over her head. As her abilities develop so does her personality and her relationships with the rebels.


  • Suit-up and boot-up UEDI’s NanoSuit
  • Unlock the PowerSuit, AirSuit and CommandSuit modes to access new abilities
  • Journey through UEDI’s emotional quest to unravel the mysteries of Hazuki’s World
  • Experience love, loss, growth and sacrifice delivered through a motion-captured story
  • Engage in real-time combat with enemies that react tactically to your actions
  • Unlock new abilities, suits and weapons then overclock them to unleash their true power
  • Loot rations and craft supplies to top up your health, electrolytes and NanoSuit power
  • Spend more time in game and less time in menus by seamlessly switching between NanoSuit presets for the perfect combination of tech for any situation
  • On foot or on wheels, explore approximately 15 miles² (39 km²) of hand-crafted anime-styled open-world
  • Plunder abandoned structures, fend off rogue mechanical hordes, fix and maintain vehicles and craft items in a bid for survival
  • Enter labyrinthine facilities, solve puzzles and battle bosses to emerge more powerful than before
  • Photograph UEDI in key locations and document the realities of Hazuki’s World for her truth-telling blog in a bid to reveal all


We all like to look good while kicking some mechanical ass, right?

Will UEDI emerge enlightened or will she be forever trapped in the shadow of the citadel?

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16 June 2020, London, UK - Indie dev Onion Soup Interactive announced today that a time limited demo of UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel will be playable during the Summer edition of the Steam Game Festival (16 June 2020 - 22 June 2020).

In UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel players will shoot and loot their way through a huge open world ARPG featuring a colourful 80's anime aesthetic and soundtrack. The good news is players will get a 20+ minute taste of what's to come in this awesome time-limited demo!

Demo Features:

  • Meet the female-protagonist as she crashes onto a mysterious land.
  • Begin to unravel the mysteries of the evil dictator HAZUKI.
  • Engage in real-time combat with enemies that react tactically to your actions.
  • Loot and scavenge for supplies and spare parts to top up ammo and fix machines.

Dev Live Stream and Discord Q&A:

To celebrate this playable slice of UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel the developers invite players to join their Dev Live Stream and Discord Q&A on June 20 at 4pm (BST)/ 8am (PDT)/ 11am (EDT), where future features will be revealed including player customisation, story characters and drivable vehicles. Onion Soup encourages players to set a reminder for the Dev Live Stream and Discord Q&A and help support UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel by adding the game to their Steam Wishlist via the Steam store page:

Press Assets

About Onion Soup Interactive

Onion Soup Interactive is made up of Andy and Amy: the nomad developers with no fixed abode! Their love of adventure and pushing boundaries is what makes them tick and it’s why they want to create unique experiences; everyone is welcome to join them for the ride. Andy Madin is the sole developer, Amy Madin is the community manager and costume designer for UEDI. They draw from gaming’s rich history to create truly original experiences: how else could the existence of Nippon Marathon really be explained? Learn more at<

Press Contact

Onion Soup Interactive reveals UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel

Onion Soup Interactive reveals UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel


Anime-styled open world action-RPG coming to Steam. Indie developer Onion Soup Interactive announced its latest game, UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel. The...

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