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πŸ”±UDgame is a game where you mine and exploreπŸ”±

Explore the depths of procedurally generated mines full of treasure, passages and surprises, exploring and finding new wonders as you carve your way through UDgame.

Your adventure will not go unimpeded, however, as there are many monsters that guard these mines.

For those feeling particularly brave, try and fight the various bosses in the game for powerful equipment and loot, or avoid them and try to snatch the scraps they guard.

Above ground, you can build your house and furnish it as you like. Grow a garden, or make your very own maze, it's all up to you.

UD is a work in progress game that the developer has been working on for a whole year. Expect new updates, bug fixes and content.

Join discord server and report glitches:
EternityDev Discord Server
Support me on patreon uwu: Patreon


W,A,S,D (Q,E) - movement
Mouse \ Left and Right arrow keys - look around
Left Shift - run \ additional use
Spacebar - add mark \ dismount
LMB \ Up arrow key - attack \ use item on object
RMB \ Down arrow key - use selected item
R - drop item
Left Alt - slow walk \ additional button
ESC - pause
Mouse Scroll Wheel \ C,V - scroll inventory slots
Left Ctrl - crouch \ crawl

Ctrl + Spacebar - open equipped item backpack
Alt + R - throw item (hold to throw further)
Shift + LMB - use item on a container (for example: axe to break furniture)
Alt + LMB - use small objects \ items on the ground or the ceiling \ other





πŸ¦ƒDiscord serverπŸ¦ƒ

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UDAG 0.3 changelog:

>Craft recipes
-Chicken ingot
-Peanut butter
-Ant treat
-Player sense
>Hand slot cant be selected on click
>Some furniture cant be picked up with object backpack
>Containers shows unknown items name
>Small chest texture mipmaps
>Item crafts
>Item stock sell price
>Player can crouch through blocks
>Golden skull curse
-Player's corpse gets saved
>Music doesnt play when game is paused
>Drinking items sound
>Duplicated hints
>Fish hitbox
>Broken containers drops items w\o properties
>Collect machine
-Resets current save slot
-Items grid goes beyond interface borders

-Teeth drop probability
>Item upgrades
>Item repair
-Iron mace
-Old jacket
-Old pants
-Old boots
>Item prices
-Portable laser
-Hint machine
-Added items
>Vinyl discs music
>Containers interaction
-Damages player when picked up if player has no equipped glove
>Rock leech
-Drops flesh if damaged
-Damage zone
-Damage recieve
>Home expand menu
-Hover over items to show their names
>Minimap level display
>Drag-and-drop system
>Hint menu
-Removed second money counter
>Gato queque
>Guide book spawn probability
>Water shader

>7 items
>Underwater effect
>1 creature

>Changed home tiles logic

Plans for 0.4:
>Custom key bindings

New water depth shaderNew underwater Post Process effectthey glow

πŸ”± UDAGame IndieDb ReleaseπŸ”±

πŸ”± UDAGame IndieDb ReleaseπŸ”±


After a long time its finally there, explore randomly generated dungeon full of treasure, traps and enemies. Available one level, hundreds of items and...

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πŸ”± UDAGame 0.3 πŸ”±

πŸ”± UDAGame 0.3 πŸ”±

Full Version

Pretty big update ey. Fixed some major glitches and added some more interesting stuff.

πŸ”± UDAGame 0.2 πŸ”±

πŸ”± UDAGame 0.2 πŸ”±

Full Version

UDAGame version 0.2 Fixed glitches and did some changes.

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