Logbook of Emmet Black, Great Explorer

Day 12. We are running out of water, I'm thirsty. For more than 3 days we have been lost in the desert.

Note for next time : Dromedaries also feed themselves with maps.

Day 15. The map has still not re-emerged...
Sergeant Cookie, my monkey, strangely looks more and more like a burger. I'm starving.

Day 18 . I couldn't believe it anymore. It's standing majestically in front of us : the Legendary Pyramid.

Day 19. It's high, we are at the middle of the way. Fortunately for me, sergent cookie is carrying me.

Day 20. We've finally reached a way at the bottom. I can't wait going down into the caves to discover the treasures hidden inside.

With this puzzle / skill game, explore exotic places. Brace yourselves to foil the many traps protecting these coveted treasures.
Fortunately for him, our adventurer Emmet Black will be helped by his faithful companion, Sergeant Cookie, and his fetish rope.

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Twist n'Catch is available on the Android Market and in a lite version Bit.ly and on the iPhone Bit.ly.

The concept:
Twist n'Catch is a Puzzle/Dexterity game in which an explorer, Emmet Black, and his faithful companion Sergeant Cookie, travel and discover exotic places and bring back treasures they uncover on the way!

The mission:
You will play as Emmet Black. You must find the best possible way to gather treasure, hanging in the air by a rope. Held by Sergeant Cookie, your assistant, you will have to foil many obstacles and traps to collect diamonds and sapphires. Reflection and skill will are necessary in order to advance in the game's levels and secures the best scores!

The Twist n'Catch universe:
The game takes place in three worlds and on over 120 levels. New game elements will come and extend the game.

Twist n'Catch uses your smartphone's last technologies:
The accelerometer allows gamers to guide the explorer swinging in the cave.
Control Emmet's rising and lowering with the touch screen.
The graphics have been optimized for latest screen generations.
The music is especially written for each level, and follows gamers in their treasure quest.

For any further information, visit our website www.okugistudio.com. Don't forget to joins us on Twitter and Facebook

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Perfect game !

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