Tricky Towers is a frantic physics action puzzler. You have to build a tower with tetromino bricks and make sure it doesn't topple. To spice things up, use magic spells to either support your structure or mess up the towers of your opponents.

With spells flying everywhere and bricks dropping like flies – Tricky Towers gives a chaotically good time.

The game offers both local and online multiplayer with up to 4 players in various competitive modes. There is also a single player campaign to improve your skills by taking on challenges and completing various puzzles - this is a great way to prepare for challenging other wizards from around the world in an online match of Tricky Towers!

In race mode you must build a tower to the finish line as quickly as possible. But don’t stop and celebrate too soon – your tower has to remain upright for three seconds before you’ll be crowned as the winner!

Survival mode is all about building a stable tower. Each time you drop a brick you will lose a life. Lose all your lives and you’re out! This mode is a tricky balance of building to protect your own tower while trying to cast spells that will tumble the towers of your opponents.

In puzzle mode you try to build as wide as possible without dropping any bricks. This is the ultimate physics challenge and will draw out the true architects.

  • Frantic physics action puzzle gameplay
  • Couch and online multiplayer with 2-4 players
  • 3 different multiplayer modes; race, survival and puzzle
  • Challenging single player campaign
  • Leaderboard mode; compare how you stack up
  • Use powerful magic spells
  • Full controller support
  • Awesome music composed by Jonathan vd Wijngaarden

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Four thousand copies of the Tricky Towers Collector's Edition were made, and now they are all sold out - the response has been amazing!

TT   Jun XX   Sold Out

If you missed out, don't give up hope... we're running a competition! To enter, simply build the trickiest tower you can from your collection of Nintendo Switch games, and send us a picture on our Twitter or our Facebook for a chance to win one of the last Tricky Towers: Collector’s Editions! Make sure to follow us so we can message you if you win. If you need inspiration, check out these two by Wolf of Woodford and BlazeFireStorm...

TT Compo BlazeFireStormTT Compo Wolf of Woodford

What's in the Collector's Edition?

Including all 6 skin DLC packs on the cartridge, this is the most complete version of the physics-based party puzzler game to date. The Super Rare edition also includes a 12-page full colour manual, interior artwork, exclusive sticker, as well as three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set.

We can't wait to see your towers!

Tricky Towers Boxed Edition for Switch!

Tricky Towers Boxed Edition for Switch!


Pre-orders are open now for the Tricky Tower's Collector's Edition for Nintendo Switch!

Tricky Towers Boxed Edition for Switch!

Tricky Towers Boxed Edition for Switch!


A limited run of retail boxes of Tricky Towers for Switch have been announced!

Friend Invite system now live on Nintendo Switch!

Friend Invite system now live on Nintendo Switch!


We have just released an update which adds friend invites to the Nintendo Switch version of Tricky Towers! Whenever you host an online game, there will...

Tricky Towers releases on Nintendo Switch!

Tricky Towers releases on Nintendo Switch!


Tricky Towers is out now on Nintendo Switch! That’s right, the long awaited day is finally here for all of you who asked for a Switch release. You can...


4 friends having a blast:

After we all got this game in a Humble Bundle deal, we figured we might as well play it! We bought the bundle for games such as Ultimate Chicken Horse and Move Or Die, but this one came along with it! So please watch and enjoy as I such so much in this physics-based Tetris puzzle game!

We had a whole bunch of fun playing Tricky Towers. After a while though it did get quite a bit samey. I was expecting/hoping that we'd unlock things the more we played. Like new characters, levels, game modes, cosmetic stuff a la Move Or Die and Ultimate Chicken Horse. But sadly that never happened so the game's good but only for one session, it's not something you can come back to unless I am very much mistaken about unlocking things. Still an amazing game though!

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