Skelittle: A Giant Party !! is a wicked party game that will make a mess of your couch gaming sessions. The Skelittle are naughty toys who escaped from cereal boxes. Their goal is to take control of the house. Play with them to challenge your friends in a serie of messed-up mini-games and use the game editor to create your very own Playzones ! It's made for instant fun for 2 to 4 players who can play either on a Keyboard or with a controller. The Early Access will have 15 mini-games, and the full release will contain 20 of them. There will be 6 Skelittle in total and a lot of items for you to put in the Playzone and create your very own minigames !

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We bring people closer so that they can argue stronger when they're done with our game, that's what a party game is about, right ? To maximize the fun, we've put Skelittle on Steam store as well as the Nintendo Eshop !

It's been a while since our last article, but we made it ! Skelittle : A Giant Party !! now features...

  • 15 Mini Games to play as a tiny figure exploring a human sized house
  • Up to 50 items to use in the Sandbox mode that lets you make your own tiny games
  • A crazy funk soundtrack
  • A Solo mode as well as a multiplayer one from 1 to 4 people
  • A very big corgi
  • You ?

We reworked the mini games and sandbox hub a lot, thanks to the lot of feedback we've received, so thanks everyone that took part in this adventure !

Is it really over though ? In the future we would LOVE to translate Skelittle : A Giant Party !! in Chinese and Spanish so we could reach a lot more people ! If the game is a bit successful, then maybe some DLCs would even show up, WHO KNOWS ? I don't ! Not yet !

This has been quite an adventure, we all learnt a lot, and we really can't wait to let you know more about Skelittle's future as well as our next projects, but that will be for another time ;)

Until then, good luck with your GameDev and take care everyone !!

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Quality VS Quantity : How to handle it ?

Quality VS Quantity : How to handle it ?


Today we'll talk about how we thought we should handle the "Quality VS Quantity" question within Skelittle : A Giant Party !! and asked ourselves how...

A giveaway, an update, and a corgi !

A giveaway, an update, and a corgi !


To celebrate E3, we're giving away a few Steam keys from Skelittle : A Giant Party !! We'll also add some precisions about the release date and some more...

Skelittle : A Giant Party will leave Early Access next month !

Skelittle : A Giant Party will leave Early Access next month !


Here are several precisions toward Skelittle : A Giant Party !!, how our thoughts evolved, and some Steam Keys, of course !

Skelittle : A Giant Party ! Gets an update !

Skelittle : A Giant Party ! Gets an update !


Yesterday we updated Skelittle : A Giant Party !! check out the new improvements, the latest news, and grab a steam key, you deserve it !

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