Build the ultimate medieval tournament - and lead your house to glory

Tourney is a tycoon style simulator / simulation PC game. It will allow you to take control of a medieval noble house, and then build a tournament or "tourney" ground where you can watch your champions vie for victory, or dive in and get involved in the combat!

The finished game will feature the following:

  • Build your tourney ground. Event areas for jousting, melee and archery; and buildings such as apothecaries, blacksmiths, stands, ale wagons, hog roasts and more
  • Choose your champion. Build their skills. Buy them the best armour and weapons
  • Fight your way to the top and win the tournament
  • 13 playable houses with unique heraldry, traits and heroes
  • Keep the peasants and nobility happy to keep the gold rolling in
  • Hire staff members such as jesters and troubadours
  • Lots of parody and hidden references!
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Tourney just launched a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to help fund the rest of development. If you want to help get this project done faster, better and stronger, become a backer! There are a number of cool backer rewards from kickstarter exclusive in-game unlockables, to game art, to the chance to feature as a knight in the game!

The campaign also features the first public look at gameplay,here is the kickstarter launch trailer:

Thank you in advance for any help spreading the word. I work on this broadly solo so don't know very many people to tell!

Here's the URL if you wish to share:

Many thanks again! You are awesome.

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