You’re hungry. So hungry and cold. Blindly, you stumble through the wilderness, wondering when your next meal might be.

You spot some mushrooms on the ground. Do you risk it? You shovel the raw fungi into your mouth; starving, uncaring for the ill effects this may have on you. Your hunger satiated, you continue on, but your vision becomes blurry. The world is spinning. The hills turn purple and you fall down.

You wake up next to a river with no idea how far you’ve traveled or what happened. Lost. Hungry. Alone.

Welcome to The Wild.

Do You have what it takes to survive?

Current feature-set

  • A unique crafting system that has multiple variations on each object, so construction projects won’t look the same each time.
  • Collect items from the wilderness to craft weapons, tools and shelters. With multiple methods for making the same item, there’s no need to travel to the other side of the island in search of a rare piece of rock.
  • Flora and fungi that allows you to not only eat but to make herbal medicines instead of relying on ‘health packs’ found in other games. But be careful! Some fungi may have some undesirable side effects.
  • Authentic looking terrain inspired by nature- rolling green hills and craggy mountains influenced by the outstanding beauty that is the Welsh countryside.
  • Fully dynamic sky system with weather means that you will have different problems to overcome depending on the weather and time of year.

Future Development

Your feedback will be helpful for the development of The Wild. but for now these are the features that will be introduced as the project continues:

  • Populating the game with more items, flora and fungi.
  • Online multiplayer feature - as of yet The Wild. is just single player but it is our intention to make this a multiplayer game.
  • Procedural terrain- no static map so the map would be limitless.
  • The ability to fish for food and not just hunt.
  • The ability to see which plants are safe to use or eat.
  • Populating the map with towns.
  • Possibly exploring the idea of a way to ‘level up’ the skills you acquire in the wilderness.


I love survival games, They're awesome in each of their own ways but all have some lacking realism. Building an item with the same recipe each time? C'mon! Our system changes the way that construction of items takes place, with multiple variations of models and recipes to make them makes for a (near) infinite combination of craftable items and items in your inventory.

One example would be a wooden door, when constructing a door from wood the system cycles through the variants and places one from the list meaning if you placed two doors side-by-side the likelihood of two identical doors being placed down is approximately 1-in-64 (Eight variants of the standard wooden door) which makes buildings look different even if you're using exactly the same plan for a replica building.

Eventually I will be bringing back a procedurally generated terrain system I originally developed for the project that can be dug/filled in, has caves and a much larger surface area to work with, but for now I have used a terrain that has omitted these features however does have 38km² of traversable terrain, it also has over 100k of flora, 7+ fauna that spawn all over the terrain and 16+ variations of fungi to be cultivated, harvested and used for different purposes.

Some of these flora can be used for herbal treatments and to cure ailments, but in varying degrees. Remember, these wont be as good as the medical supplies you may encounter but will be better than nothing! The fungi are also another topic that is to be considered carefully, each fungi may be quite close to another in respect to its looks however may drastically make your day go from "Ok" to "Hell on earth", but.... It might not! Animals such as Bears, Chickens, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Deer, Foxes and Rabbits are all present in the game and can be used for different purposes.


The game is set in a fictional island (at this moment in time) known as "New Ceredigion". It is heavily based on a place in Mid-Wales (UK) called Ceredigion which was my home for nearly Four years where I attended University, it has rolling hills, plains and craggy mountains to accompany the vast array of wildlife and flora. Along side this terrain it has rivers, water falls and a coastal-line unlike any other. You only need to search for "Aberystwyth" on YouTube to see the crazy storms and gorgeous seafront We have in Ceredigion.

This landscape has given me huge inspiration to create a terrain unrivaled by any other. However with this terrain I have had to use some artistic licence, I mean we don't have much wild dangerous fauna in the UK!

About the developer

I'm Jack, A 23 year old developer from the United Kingdom with a BEng in Software Engineering, I work for a large games developer at the moment and started Pirated Software in December 2014 with the intention to create a survival project I wanted to make.

I wanted to create a truly realistic project as someone who enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, bushcraft, archery, weapons etc. I love games like Facepunch's Rust, Endnight's The Forest and many other of the games in the "Survival" genre (this includes Microsoft / Mojang's Minecraft), however, these games all lack realism in one way or another.

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Sitrep #1


This is a Stiuation Report on the progress of The Wild. As of the 13th June 2016, I have decided to take the development of The Wild. more seriously, I will be spending much more time on the overall game play, its features and functionality of the project.

I have been working on a few features that aren't imperative to the gameplay and more a side-note but will add to the overall atmosphere of the game.. and they only took me a couple hours to implement. Stay tuned for that!

The first major update I want to talk about is the new Animator controller I have created, prior to this weekend when the player would run and then attack it would stop the run motion attack and then continue to run. Which... is rubbish! So I sat back and decided I would read all of the documentation for Unity, Maya, 3DS max and anything else regarding animations and came up with a new Animator Controller and script that works with it. I would like to transfer this over to a physics based ragdoll at some point when I've got a bit of time but for now, A rigged humanoid with animations is fine.

secondly, I have started working on a GUI for the Backpack/Inventory system, I wasn't sure what I wanted to develop at first but then I stumbled onto some 2 year old code ideas I had worked on when I started at my first games development position. I'm not a big fan of "static" inventories like DayZ, Arma, Rust or 7DTD I like the idea of a 3D inventory, something like the one in the forest. So using the old code as a starting platform heres an idea of the inventory


Those are the two major things I've been working on and fixing right now, I've also started working on an area of the terrain that will be revealed with the previously mentioned side-features.

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