"The Sun Is Deadly" was initially made for the IndieBuskers game jam. It is deeply inspired by Thief: The Dark Project and similar stealth games. This time you are a vampire, feeding from the citizens of the old towns. Hide in the shadows and use telekinesis to build a path of darkness out of crates. Knock out the guards by sucking them dry, thus getting rid of them. Eventually, find the Golden Box of Jewels so you're able to allure the most beautiful Virgin to your dark home ... the graveyard!

You can buy "The Sun Is Deadly" on our very own website for one dollar or more.

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Play TRI now!

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The waiting is over! We are so proud to present our First-person platform puzzle game to you!

What is TRI about? You create triangles to build platforms, overcome obstacles, walk on walls, reflect light rays and lasers, and more. It is still work in progress, and even substantial parts of the gameplay and design might change in the near future.

  • freeform 3D platformer
  • build triangles to overcome abysses, reach unknown places, and walk on the walls and the ceiling
  • control light rays and destroy obstacles with dangerous lasers
  • explore the dungeons of TRI, collect treasures and solve puzzles
What you'll get with the PRE-ALPHA

  • every update from now on
  • play the game now, why wait till it's finished?
  • price discount
  • feel extremely good, because you helped an indie dev making this project
  • follow the design process and give valuable feedback
Release Images

I want this game!!! Where can I get it?

Buy TRI directly from DESURA or us - RAT KING!
More infos? - Yes, please!


Post Mortem + Available now!

Post Mortem + Available now!

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We released our vampire stealth game just yesterday. This article is how we build the game. What went wrong and what went right.


Got it the other day and gave it a whirl, its actually pretty damn fun.

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