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The Secret Monster Society is a 2D point-and-click adventure game set in a colourful and unique world. You play as Blithe Dalrich, an enthusiastic young monster, who with the aid of his best friend Aphonic, sets off on a memorable adventure to save both his world, and ours.

Meet and converse with over one hundred memorable characters, each with their own unique personality, all of whom have been voice acted.


“Have you ever wondered where your dreams come from? And why you dream of the specific things you do? Well, I shall tell you. For deep inside our world is another; a bizarre place with many a variety of strange beings, that you and I would call monsters. And, to some degree, you would be correct. However, these creatures are not harmful in anyway. They work in perfect harmony with our own, whose main responsibility is to supply humans with dreams. If anything were to happen to this ‘Underworld’, our dreams would fade, and with it, our imagination, creativity and inspiration. This is the story of Blithe Dalrich, a creature from this Underworld, and how this unlikely hero managed to save our world.”

Primary Features

Point and Click Adventure – Created in the style of Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion etc. The Secret Monster Society encapsulates the feel of both classic adventure games, as well as the new ones.

A Classic Cartoon – The Secret Monster Society has been designed to feel like a cartoon from Saturday morning cartoons.

Story – Set in an imaginative world of monsters and creatures, the story entices exploration, conversation and world lore, which will both captivate and intrigue.

Voice Acting – All dialogue is voice acted, and we he have gathered together a collection of fantastic voice actors to capture fun and zany cartoon characters. This not only helps to bring life and personality into a character, but increases immersion in to the world.

Mini-Games and Puzzles – With plenty of puzzle and mini-games, The Secret Monster Society will be packed with fun challenges.

Time travel – With the ability to travel through time, the player has to think of new and exciting ways of solving challenges and puzzles.

Art and Animations – All artwork and animation is hand-drawn in HD to solidify a truly vibrant world for the player to explore.

Audio - Featuring an immersive and cartoon stylised sound track, The Secret Monster Society has been designed to replicate a cartoon.

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Chapter One Out Now

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The Secret Monster Society Chapter One Out Now!

July 28, 2016 – South Wales, UK – Deceptive Games Ltd. has announced that chapter one of “The Secret Monster Society” has been released today on Steam and all digital retail stores, which will extend to all gaming consoles later this year.

The Secret Monster Society: Chapter One titled: “Monsters, Fires and Forbidden Forests” is a classic point-and-click comedy adventure game, set in a unique world of monsters and creatures. Embark on an epic adventure across land and sea, using time travel to stop an evil genius from destroying the world. Meet a host of memorable characters, and wield the ability of time travel to solve fun and engaging puzzles

“We are very excited for players to get their hands on the game. We have put a lot of work into this title to ensure it plays like classic cartoons we all grew up with. It will be great to see what people think.” said Filipe Sabino, lead artist and animator.

The Secret Monster Society has been developed to replicate cartoons from the 80’s and 90s, focusing on wacky and unique characters, with a soundtrack to match, and can be enjoyed by persons of all age groups. In addition, The Secret Monster Society encapsulates a large amount of mini-games and puzzles, including Time Travel, for greater puzzle variance and story development; extending puzzle complexity and gameplay.

“For the release of this game, we have placed a game on the Google Play Store called Monster Build - Free. Players reaching height of 300, will receive a unique string of characters on screen. The first 3000 people to email us their unique code will be sent a copy of The Secret Monster Society.” said Gavin Powell, managing director of Deceptive Games. “We hope this helps less fortunate players a chance at acquiring a copy of the game.”

Availability and system requirements:
The Secret Monster Society will release for PC and Mac on all digital retail sites starting with Steam, and will require Windows 2K/XP/Vista: 2Ghz Dual Core processor, 1GB system memory, 3D card with 512 MB video memory and DirectX 9.0c.
Xbox One and PlayStation versions will be released later this year.

About Deceptive Games
Deceptive Games Ltd. is an independent games company of desktop and mobile games from South Wales, UK. For further information, visit

Monster Demo now Available to Play !

Monster Demo now Available to Play !


Demo now available for download and play. Get it here!

The Secret Monster Society! - Adventure Game Announcement

The Secret Monster Society! - Adventure Game Announcement


The Secret Monster Society! - 2d Point and Click Adventure Cartoon Comedy Adventure Announcement.

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