Port Valley is the (not so) classic Point & Click adventure

where perspective changes everything!

(Yep, those old games where you had to control a guy using an odd white cross.)

But don’t think of this game as just another nostalgia attack.

This is not a lazy excuse to 'pay tribute' to the classics or to 'take back the charm' (whatever that means). The goal is to borrow the old-school mechanics and use them to make something new and show that this genre still has a lot to say.

Or should I say “plots”?

In the full game, you’ll witness Port Valley's Election Day from three different points of view:

An lazy Asian food delivery guy… a mysterious plumber

and well, someone else.

(*Not actually a playable character.)

These unusual "heroes" will be forced to interrupt their boring lives and get ready for action before it's just too late. Work, revenge, political conspiracies, a banana balloon… it seems everything was meant to clash on this specific day.

It's time to face the crossed paths of Port Valley’s bizarre citizens and unfold an obscure plot that seems to be tying together these apparently unrelated stories.

I'm sure you already know the deal.

You PICK UP stuff, you USE stuff, you look at stuff and you talk to stu… characters. All that while trying to solve a big annoying puzzle divided into smaller and more annoying ones! Yay!

Wondering what else you can do in this game?

The answer is… whatever you want to! That’s the charm of adventure games!

  • You wanna use a cat on a chair? Go on!
  • Talk to a pipe? It’s your choice!
  • Pick up a tree? Oh, boy! We speak the same language!

(As long as those funny interactions have been programmed, which is not common,

but you guys never read this stuff in brackets, right?)

[the competent DEMO]

The game is still in development, but a brand new demo is available in English and Spanish. (Forget about the original demo). (That never happened.)

[the competent DEMO] is an alternative one-hour version of one of the three main parts of the game: The Delivery Guy Plot.

Do you want to know if you'll hate the actual game? Then give it a try!

The puzzles have been simplified and the story has been modified to fit the new length, but it may work as a first taste of Port Valley's mechanics and characters.

Or not.


Karen is angry because she wasn't supposed to work today.

There are many of those!

  • Three plots, three main characters, three difficulty modes, three mayoral candidates… three chances to unfold a bigger and complex story.
  • A renewed yet classic Point & Click interface.* (*May not be that renewed.)
  • A humoristic and light-hearted tone with annoying self-aware humor. (Which doesn't necessarily mean this is just a comedy…)
  • Active NPCs. They're not just there to give you items. They also have their objectives, which may be more important than yours.
  • A day-night cycle. (This would've been SUCH a big deal back in the 90's.)
  • A dog.

Okay, I'm not a social networks person, but I made a Twitter account to post updates and stuff about the game and it quickly reached 7 followers!

Those are a lot, right?

There's also a website: www.portvalleygame.com

A humble Steam Store page: Steam Store Page

An even humbler itch.io page: itch.io Store Page

A Facebook Page: Port Valley

And a YouTube channel: Port Valley

If you give it a try and you happen to see something… odd, please, let me know as soon as possible via comment or send an email to: contact@portvalleygame.com

Any kind of feedback would be welcome.

But please, no more spam.

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Over the last few months I took some decisions that basically changed the core of the game. For good. I think.

(…and hope.)

But that also meant the original Demo was no longer a good representation of the game, and that's why, well… That's why I made it again.

Forget about the old Demo. That NEVER happened. And say hi to [the competent DEMO].

A demo with MORE content, NEW plot elements, IMPROVED visuals, and a much (trust me), MUCH better performance.



  • 3 MAIN CHARACTERS instead of just 1. That means 3 points of view of Port Valley's Election Day!*
  • New puzzles. Same Frustration!
  • New characters and an extended plot.
  • The inventory is now always visible. (YOU WIN OK?)

* This will only affect the full game. The Demo ONLY covers part of the Delivery Guy Plot.
(It's a demo, don't be greedy.)

2 Mains And A Glorious Scooter

(Two of the three playable characters.)


  • ALL backgrounds and character designs have been improved or directly re-drawn.
  • MANY new animations and visual effects. (Who laughs now, Pi*ar.)
  • New menu interfaces (They don't suck anymore!)
  • New tracks and sound effects.



(More screenshots later.)


And this is the big one.

  • No more random FPS drops. The game is now graphically undemanding and could run on a potato.
  • Loading times reduced from 5-7 seconds to… basically non existent!
  • Videos no longer cause problems with low-spec systems.
  • Demo size reduced from 345mb to 70mb. That's a 20% of the original size.



Picture 23

Picture 4

Picture 6

Picture 2

Picture 17

And I guess that's all.

Nah, here's another gif.

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] is finally available for Linux!

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] is finally available for Linux!


The demo is now available for both 32 and 64-bit systems

A small (yet necessary) Update [v1.5.2]

A small (yet necessary) Update [v1.5.2]


I managed to find a couple of weird things that should be fixed and also changed some stuff.

Port Valley DEMO 1.01 - First Update!

Port Valley DEMO 1.01 - First Update!


Here's a new version of the demo with less bugs, a much better performance, 32-bit compatibility… and a quite a big secret.




Port Valley is a (not so) Classic Point & Click Adventure. An hour-long demo is now available for PC and macOS! Give it a try! It's free! Free is good!

RSS Files
Port Valley [the competent DEMO] Linux

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] Linux


The Linux version of Port Valley [the competent DEMO]. 1.5.3b

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] macOS

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] macOS


The macOS version of Port Valley [the competent DEMO]. 1.5.3b

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] Windows

Port Valley [the competent DEMO] Windows


The Windows version of Port Valley [the competent DEMO]. 1.5.3b

Port Valley DEMO 1.10 [Mac]

Port Valley DEMO 1.10 [Mac]


This is the macOS version of Port Valley DEMO, a (not so) classic Point & Click adventure where a certain choice changes everything.

Port Valley DEMO 1.10 [Windows]

Port Valley DEMO 1.10 [Windows]


This is the Windows version of Port Valley DEMO, a (not so) classic Point & Click adventure where a certain choice changes everything.

Port Valley DEMO 1.00 [Windows x86]

Port Valley DEMO 1.00 [Windows x86]


This is the 32-bit Windows version of Port Valley DEMO, a (not so) classic Point & Click adventure where you can see the same day from 3 points of view!

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