The Horde is a Multiplayer RTS with elements of a citybuilder simulator. The player will choose one of several races. There are four of them: Human, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs. Each race has several clans, communities, tribes, etc. further as: "faction". 3-5 different factions in each race. Each race has unique modifiers. Factions of the same race differ in attributes, combat skills, special skills and appearance.

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What game is this?


Players will build their own empire. Start from a small village and end up with a huge castle with several settlements. Other races and factions will stand on the path to greatness, conquer them all or choose a peaceful path.

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Key Features:
1) Dynamic world
1.1) Day and night
1.2) Change of seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
1.3) Dynamic weather
1.4) Animals with a daily routine (hunting, sleeping, patrolling the area, etc.)
1.5) Different wildlife
2) Diplomacy and War
3) Modding
4) Development of the fraction and the hero
4.1) The development of its military / trade fraction. The player starts with a small tribe and ends up creating a huge empire.
4.2) You can be a peaceful race / faction, pay for protection or collect tribute.
5) Research Tree (bow and arrows, wheel, crossbow, etc.)
6) Epic Battle
7) Nemesis System (Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor)
8) Multiplayer
9) Global map (Mount & Blade)

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hi, i have a question, we can talk in twitter? ty.

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Of course

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