The Hit is a multiplayer stealth-shooter, set in an open-world city with tens of thousands of NPCs. Track down your target and kill them as quickly and cleanly as possible, before the other players can manage it. Try to stay incognito, or photograph other players and take out hits on them.

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speaking of taxi cabins, how about vehile driving? will be a thing (a thing for later but a thing notheless) or is something not planed (as i wuld be as i would be an easy indicator of where another player is, as you could only need to notice the "weird" cars who not follows the ia routes)

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aDFP Author

Vehicle driving is definitely a planned feature, as is using vehicles to store weapons, equipment, bodies, shopping etc.

City driving should be a common skill, so it'll be possible to drive a vehicle just by instructing your character to 'drive to <location>', in which case they'll be indistinguishable from the AI drivers. Or you can drive vehicles yourself, but I'm planning something more realistic than the usual arcade-style driving in other open-world games, which will take skill and practice to become proficient at. Not everyone will be a natural getaway driver, but I don't think that's a problem.

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I've taken a detour from coding missions and interactions to sort out the streets. I'm using a pool of common street names, historically common male and female names and types of tree, plus a set of street types (road, street, way, lane, avenue etc.) The generator picks one word from each list, then looks for signs which are facing the street, creates a texture and resizes the sign. I can also use this system to personalise street names, so there's already a few easter eggs in there to honour some of my favourite developers.

I still need to write the sign placement tool and create an atlas for the street signs, but I think I've already written all the utility functions I need, so that should be an easy enough job. I'm also missing a tool to calculate streets from hand-drawn maps, but the road calculator is already working, so I'll add some logic to join the road segments together and call it a day.

Anyway, now that streets are in place, I can start sending players to specific locations. I'll also be able to add story triggers for when the player enters or leaves a location, and because street names are things you'll be able to 'remember' and use in conversations, it'll be possible to ask directions very soon, or ask a taxi driver to take you to a location.

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