The Great Gaias contains twelve playable characters all with their own skills, abilities, and personalized storyline. Features of each character incorporate spell comboing, union skills, and dynamic boss fights. The player will need to rely on strategy and perceivance to overcome challenging opponents rather than simply button mashing. For most of the game there is no party leader, allowing for ultimate customization between the characters and their synergies, leaving a wide variety of side quests to be completed with all of them.

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Some of the features of The Great Gaias:

No Party Leader

There are thirteen playable characters all with their own skills, abilities, and personalized story. For most of the game there is no party leader, allowing for ultimate customization between the characters and their synergies. This feature allows for the player to completely choose his team, taking advantage of the unique classes of the many characters, making an almost endless amount of possibilities.

Character Classes
  • Assassin
  • Barbarian
  • Cleric
  • Dragoon
  • Druid
  • Gladiator
  • Paladin
  • Wizard
  • Priestess
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Spellsword
  • Summoner

    Custom Monsters

    The most diverse enemies of any RPG. Completely animated with all of their own attack sequences and battle animations.


    Inspired by games like Ultima Online and the Elder Scrolls series, which incorporated an extensive skill system, we grew fond of the raise-by-use mechanic. We plan to have multiple skills, based on the party members you choose to utilize, that will aid the player in completing quests and other in-game goals. Picking locked doors and chests to uncover hidden items, and mining ore for crafting are but a few of the abilities a player can have at their disposal. Tracking monsters will be helpful in completing the vast bestiary, and will also be a skill that can be honed, and even used to unlock content and hidden side-quests.
    In other titles, many people found that mini-games for skills had become annoying and unexciting once done a number of times. With enough funding, we plan on crafting a dynamic mini- game system that will complement the skill gain. These mini-games would only need to be solved when tackling a newly discovered typology, such as a lock or vein of ore that the character had never come across before, thus solving the problem of these types of mechanics becoming repetitive and tedious.

    Battle Systems

    Most games nowadays are the run of the mill, hack and slash, action-based fighting system that often has a small amount of skills that you can mindlessly hammer over and over again to your heart’s content. We hope to restore the classic turn-based battle systems similar to what was seen in the days of Chrono Trigger and the Final Fantasy series. We have been working rigorously to create a battle system that bridges the best qualities from these old school JRPGs into a modern design that requires skill and logic to succeed. A few things we’ve been focusing on have been elemental affinities, dynamic boss fights and a deathblow system to help combat the vast array of enemies you will encounter on your journey through the world of Tenat.


    After acquiring the Ranger, it simultaneously unlocks the Scan ability and the Bestiary. Not only does the Bestiary give you HP/MP data but also allows you to view all monsters, their strengths and weaknesses and even a small narrative written by the developer. This catalog system will reward the player who fills his or her bestiary with all of the creatures that one might come across during their travels.


    This system is the writer’s pride and joy, and a lot of thought and time was put into creating it. Detailed background stories describing every character of significant importance is cataloged, and is constantly updated after discovering new truths about Tenat’s many inhabitants, whether friend or foe.

    Quest Journal

    This handy system organizes the events that transpire throughout the game in a clean, chronologically correct, database. Along with instant updates on quest info, it will help clarify where you should be heading next if you were ever to lose your way.

    Grand Arcanum and Historians

    Throughout the world of Tenat, there exists a great thirst for knowledge. Naturally, many folk are inclined to take the roles of great scholars and historians to preserve the histories of the Old World and the New. The player, if they choose to, may find these intellectuals throughout the cities and villages of the world and learn pieces of the past that will eventually create The Grand Arcanum’s library of lore and tales. This great structure in Sorbithia, the Grand Arcanum, holds a wealth of knowledge explaining history, lands and people of Tenat. It is up to the player to find these historians and hidden tomes to achieve 100% completion, special rewards and clues on how to unlock or find the legendary weapons and armor of the Warriors of Old. (Completely optional)

Some sprites

Some sprites


A few sprites created by Paul Helman for our game, "The Great Gaias". I don't know about you but Golbez, Sephiroth, Kefka, Grahf, and Magus might have...

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