Once we were a proud and strong race. We successfully colonized 13 planets. When we returned to our oldest colony we didn’t sense any threat. Barely civilised, they weren’t much more than a bunch of savages. But we couldn’t have been more wrong. Three of our four ships were attacked the minute they entered the planet's atmosphere. As we hurtled towards the ground, the last thing we saw was a giant fireball above… it looked like the fourth ship's crew didn't stand a chance. The few survivors, heavily wounded, without any resources and unable to raise resistance, were almost completely wiped out by the end of October. Now just a handful of us remain. But we’re tired of hiding. The worm has turned. And we’re hell-bent of annihilating every single stinking human being on this rotten planet called ‘Earth’.

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- Dialog system, including voice overs
- Event triggers
- Inventory, Storage and item combination
- NPC AI (still in need of some fixes)
- Room transitions


- After the dialog use the key on the storage box (press E or the onventory button to open inventory)
- transfer empty accumulator, accumulator cable, crowbar and hook from storage box to your inventory
- move left until you reach the border, you get teleported to another room
- keep on moving left till you reach a transformator vault, use the crowbar on it
- open the combine menu, combine empty accumulator with accumulator cables
- use the accumulator with cables on the open transformer vault
- pick up the accumulator

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The end of October 2013 Demo

The end of October 2013 Demo


3rd game mechanics demo of The end of October showing the current progress

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