Survivors: Reboot is a horror multiplayer game, where you will need to find pages in very dark large forest to escape, but you won't be alone - somewhere appears werewolf.

This game based on original Unity game called "Survivers Beta 3". I like this game, but developers used starter content, which gave Unity and game don't look very good. Almost 1 year ago I had idea to remake this game in UE4. My goal is make something new and interesting. I won't make same as original Unity game, where werewolf teleports - I want to make this game more realistic with good graphics. More interesting that I will add story and more features, for example, play as werewolf, random map generator, etc.

I already have builds, but I don't make general gameplay yet. When I make map, werewolf AI, characters, multiplayer, localization and normal optimization, I will upload here as early access and after that game will receive "Alpha" version. I need to learn and learn Blueprints and more - some stuff I know, but I am learning now.

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Some progress with map


Hi there. Artjom here and I am working on map right now. I will show you my progress.

I think you saw my previous devblog, where I showed concept map and if you didn’t see it, I would recommend to check this out. So I made map for 2 days. I didn’t think that I will made very fast because some things saved my time, for example, grass and tree generator. First I was sculpting and painting landscape manually and after that used these generators. You can see that landscape isn’t flat at all because its very boring and unrealistic when everywhere is flat. In original Unity game “Survivers: Beta” landscape was flat (you can find very raw high mountains only), but on the screenshots you can see plains and very small mountain. And yeah, you can see that I added fog and with fog forest looks much better than without fog. After that I was working with optimization and my computer can show about ~50-60 FPS on EPIC settings (Core i-5-4460, GTX 660, 8 GB RAM). Before I had 15-20 FPS. I am happy with that.

I need to work more and add something on the map. After that I will work with generator.






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Survivors: Reboot (PreAlpha v0.1.2)

Survivors: Reboot (PreAlpha v0.1.2)

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I said that next public version will be Alpha v0.2 with basic gameplay, but I didn’t upload new build for very long time and I think that you want to...

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