Super Magic Rainbow is an indie game packed with a revolutionary one gesture gameplay and amazing arts, mixing old style mechanics with the best from the latest games. Devs call it the first Endless Arcade Squasher.

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Super Magic Rainbow, the cupcake endless squasher

Directly from the creativeness of a small indie company in the heart of Rome the first Endless Arcade Squasher is born, sparklingly coloured and full of cupcakes! Among the many Runner games available on the market, the IOS platform is now enriched with a new and original title. Super Magic Rainbow is a game, developed by LevenLab, for the AppStore and conceived for that category of games known as Freemium, so downloadable for free and with contents in app-purchase, which are optional and will not influence in the least the playability of the game -if at all it might concern the graphic and aesthetical aspects. A modern game that mixes the dynamism of the classics in which the most important elements are reflexes, speed and a vintage look similar to such games as Super Mario Bros, where to survive one has to squash or avoid the enemies.

Super Magic Rainbow Gamplay

In Super Magic Rainbow you will personify one of the many funny-looking Cupcakes and as you play you will be able to unlock more of them, each of which with a specific crazy power that can be recharged by eliminating the various enemies that populate the different levels. These special powers offer the player a great variety of options that will be enriched more and more as new playable Cupcakes are added. Differently from other Runner games, Super Magic Rainbow offers an isometric gaming visual: with a one one gesture system it will be possibile to avoid enemies or squash them, catch bonuses, solve the tricky traps puzzles and use dozens of fun unique abilities.

The objective of the game is to try not to loose lives and to go as far as possible, accumulating as many points and stars as possible. Something to boast about with friends!

The simplicity of the design and the chromatic contrasts were not left to chance: the amusing Cupcakes are full of graphical effects. From an artistic point-of-view everything is very fluid and homogeneous, and the result is packed with ironic elements that will surely entertain. The trail is a rainbow and the background is full of confectionary products that fluctuate casually. A scenery that can compete and win against any of the endless arcades in the AppStore. The extremely light models will ensure a fluid gaming experience even on systems that are not so recent.

Our colourful little heroes will be accompanied in their adventures by a fun jazz theme, which is entertaining and never repetitive, while the various sound effects will induce surely in laughter. All is very coherent with the frenetic action of the game.

The game is based on challenge and the pleasure of collecting, offering the possibility to earn stars that can be subsequently used to buy new playable characters, lives and extend the duration of the powers. LevenLab is already working on some new patches for the integration of new enemies, new levels and for the extension of the list of Cupcakes. Also, there will be secret minigames which users can unlock while playing: the first leaked is a flappy mode to grind stars!

It will be a great joy to emerge oneself in this magical world and we are certain people will be glued to the screen for a long time!

Prices and in-apps
Even if the game is free to play with, there is the possibility to make purchases through in-app. Unlike other games, there won't be any particular limitation if one chooses not to buy anything. The revenue model chosen for the adv was conceived with total respect and reverence towards the users: there won't be any publicity announcements, if it isn't the gamer to expressly ask for them, if they want to be able to earn more stars or to have access to daily bonuses. Anyway the prices are perfectly in line with the average apps on IOS.

Super Magic Rainbow is, undeniably, able to entertain in a refreshing and ironic way. It will insinuate under your skin and your eyes are destined to have a long love affair with the display!

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