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Subvert is alive and well! Development continues, but updates will be a bit slow.

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It's been a while since our last substantial update, so I wanted to check in and update everyone on the status of the project.

As you may know, game development takes much time and money. As a self-funded independent project, we have limited amounts of both, so development of the game has been somewhat slow over the last couple of months.

We learned a very valuable lesson in our last Kickstarter attempt. without going into detail, look at comments related to it. In short - it was an abject failure. Regardless, the funds we were hoping to help propel the development of Subvert further never came to be. The way forward in this regard is not clear. We're not sure if the Kickstarter campaigns failed because of our videos, the type of game, or because of the project itself. We'd like to think it was the videos, but we do know Kickstarter is a tough crowd for us, and going for a third round simply doesn't seem to make much sense.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.

Development of the game will continue, but we won't have much to show for a little while. Our art team has dwindled, so we will focus exclusively on mechanics and design implementation for the time being.

Lastly, I'd like to thank our supporters. We hope that we'll be able to deliver an awesome game that you guys can enjoy!


It was entirely because of the video, trust me on that one. You need an awesome video to make people say "wow, this looks great!" Try to get the video to epic status in the first 30 secs or so with gameplay or something else that is sick. Then, go into talking about Subvert and who you are for a bit (3 min or so) and feel free to show more gameplay and concept art and whatever else you have. Also, get a music score for it, and, if you don't want to talk to a camera, just record your voice and have other images/video in the background. Great example is Interstellar Marines. Their video wasn't for kickstarter but rather for everyone to donate on their own site. The link is here:

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a real shame that Kickstarter didn't bring you the money you had hoped for, but, it doesn't really amaze me that this wasn't a success. As you suggested yourself, your video's could be a big reason, same with screens. Because you don't show any gameplay footage and that is what people like the so before they pull there wallet. Info in text is always good, but especially with funding people want to see what they are helping to develop. And i have to be honest, i am tracking this game for quit some time now and still there is not much to show yet.
Please don't get me wrong, i say these things with the best intention!!
I like what i know so far from this game, even when it is a mp game, and i only play SP, (MP is not for me).

So, personally i should try to get gameplay footage, even when it is little yet what you can show. Make from that awesome screens and a nice movie and then try Kickstarter again.
But even then, don't be surprised to not get the funding you hope for. Because even very great games don't get there funding, simply because its still crisis all around the world, (or at least in most countries).
And, there are so many developers who ask for money that simply not everyone will get what they hope for.

I always ask myself why people need so much money for there development,
after all, time and effort is what is most important. Ofcourse will you need money for rights on software. But sometimes i see developers as 20.000 or more, and then i think, why do you need all that money.

Whatever happens, please keep developing, and hopefully you will get there, even when you don't get funding at all!!


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RayBarrera Author

All great points, guys and we appreciate your feed back.

We'll keep that in mind going forward.

Thank you!

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