Subject A-119 is a puzzle/adventure game about Subject A-119(the player), you are the first successful experiment in a series of clones. You wake up unintentionally and you don't know who, what or where you are.

Your goal find out what you are, you do this by wandering around the facility and solving numerous puzzles.

Subject A-119's design is inspired by games like Portal/Portal 2 in the sense that the designs are easy on the eyes, there isn't too much to distract you from what the goal is and it gives you a challenge which you have to complete in order to progress.


Energy Ball
To make for example a hole in a wall, move physics objects and hit a button
Tele Energy Ball
If this hits a physics objects it gets moved to the player, can also be used to destroy stuff and hit buttons.
Energy Beam
Can’t shoot up or down, destroys stuff but can also be used to hit buttons.
Time Travel Shield
This effect lasts for 10 seconds, you get teleported to the past and if you put a physics object in the shield you can bring it with you to the future.
For picking up and throwing physics objects.
Turn back time
Move objects back in time, for example, you put a cube on button A, then move the cube to button B, cast this spell, the object will move from button B to button A at the same path as you took it.

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Hello everybody,

I have been working on Subject A-119 for the past 1.5 years, of those years I have never posted an article, so I thought it was about time to do so.

In Subject A-119 there will be 15 puzzles, all 15 puzzles are finished at the current stage of development and I am currently focusing on the exploration area, the user experience and finding a voice actor for the game.


Because everybody likes images, here are a few screenshots I would like to share with you.

A typical level sign to indicate what spells you need and what elements there are in a puzzle:

A typical level sign to indicate what spells you need and what elements there are in a puzzle

Here are some screenshots of level 7:

Besides the puzzles I have also been working on the rest of the facility which the player will be free to explore after they have completed the puzzles to solve the mystery about who, where and what they are.

Here are some of the screenshots for the public area:

This is the reception area, it is still in development, but here is an early look:

This is an isolation cell, why this is in you will have to find out when the game is released:

This is the G-Test area, this is used to test a Subject tolerance for high gravity situations:

Option menu & key remapping

The game also has an extended options menu which allows you to change the volume, change the graphic options in a fairly detailed way and remap almost all keys including controller buttons, here are a few screenshots of the current settings menu:


Subject A-119 will not have any always online DRM.

I don't think people that buy a game should have performance problems because of people who got the game via illegitimate ways.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, if you have any feedback, please let me know.

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