S.T.Y.X is a Metroid styled shooter with strategy elements like Act Raiser and Dune, in short - 2D RTS Shooter. Ok so what it's all about? Protagonist is a leader of a rather well known research station. They develop different things starting from electric matches and auto spine scratchers to military equipment and advanced medicine gear(sounds crazy, nah?). There's a planet near their home, it behaves very strange last days and of course that inspires our protagonist to start a new research project but surprisingly government bans it without any explanation. Something wrong, eh? Despite government's restrictions our hero and his team decide to take trip to the planet of the unknown. And so the new journey begins. :) Game is currently under heavy development but there is a small prototype featuring platforming part plus new demo, featuring both platforming and rts, will come rather soon, there are some progress videos already on Youtube.

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So hey everybody!

I'm George Dziov and this is my first serious project! Was working on it for quite some time already so I have some stuff to share:

Game's home page - styxthegame.blogspot.com
Tumblr page for people who love this kind of stuff - styxthegame.tumblr.com
Early prototype page - gamejolt.com/games/platformer/end-of-the-station-2012/12329/
There will be updates from time to time, among them testing screenshots, artwork, videos and music!

Speaking of alphas, betas, etc.:
Some time ago I made a prototype(link above) for a random competition. Although it took me 5 days to creat it, those were not of the easiest 5 days - I handled art, music and code myself and I did that while being down with cold.

While the prototype pleased me I was not sure if it describes the idea - it's just a platformer with shooting stuff.

Now I'm working on a brand new solid demo in a pretty much stable and powerful engine Construct 2.
What the demo is gonna add up to the idea:

Some new movements to the main character: in the prototype the dude could only jump sit and shoot.
In the new demo I added some melee movements like bashing with a gun and kicking while jumping.

Some visual improvements: new art and experimental effects like water, lighting, etc.

New gameplay elements: I'm planning to evolve this project into a hybrid of metroidvania and RTS(maybe not right away but it's not gonna be just plain shoot'em up)

There is no strict date of demo release but I'll try to do my best to release it as soon as possible.

Thanks for attention, check my stuff on sites and here at least once a month!


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