Strike Fighters 2 is a jet air-combat game set in the 1960's when aviation technology was still primitive but advancing at a rapid pace. Player flyable aircraft include some of the most legendary fighters from the early jet age, including F-100D Super Sabre, A-4 Skyhawk, and F-4 Phantom II. The game is designed for Windows 7/Vista and DX10 capable video card. It can be merged with other games in the series (Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam, Strike Fighters 2 Europe, and Strike Fighters 2 Israel) for additional aircraft, maps, missions, and campaigns.

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Fans of ThirdWire's Strike Fighters, I'm glad to announce the Christmas release of Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition. This huge and quality total conversion has seen two Early Access releases this year, one back in January 16th and the other on August 2nd.

Once available to CombatACE site subscribers only, now we offer an updated version of the package to all CombatACE users as our Christmas gift, regardless of a subscription.

You are not required to own a subscription, but keep in mind that the mod is distributed in a hefty, yet highly compressed 3GB installer which contains 15GB of contents. You will need a stable internet connection in order to download it. The mod cannot and will not be offered in a different form. A subscription grants you unlimited number of downloads for its duration and will support the site's hosting costs.

The Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition modification does NOT comply with CombatACE's Freeware Licensing. Various contents of this modification are exclusive, as such you are NOT allowed to share, redistribute and/or make use of the mod and/or its contents for other purposes, without the consent of the mod's developers. Contents of the modification are the copyright of their respective authors.

Happy Holidays, pilots of the virtual skies!

Change log:

  • Added Arabic speech audio files for the Iraqi TACC, made by GKABS.
  • Added new MiG-25PD 3d model by Coyote Aerospace, with improved decals and skin.
  • Added background sound of a typewriting machine to the Award Screen, by Viper63a.
  • Added specific RWR sounds by MGGUY to all F-14s and F/A-18s.
  • Added brand new RWR sounds to all Mirage F1 variants, by the Mirage F1 Team.
  • Added M-84 main battle tank for Kuwait, created by GKABS.
  • Added M109A2 howitzer with specific tweaks for ODS, created by GKABS.
  • Added correct IRM rails to the OV-10D, by RustyKurnass with help by dtmdragon.
  • Added empty Sidewinder launch rails as requested by RustyKurnass for the AV-8B, by yakarov79.
  • Added minor texture bits missing on the F-16Cs, F-111s, RF-4C, F-5E, Iraqi Jet Provost and MiG-29A.
  • Added newer version of the A-7E quality skins by yakarov79, including bonus post-war desert camo.
  • Added 900804 Tank Buster mission, based on a game generated CAS mission for the Iraqi Su-25K.
  • Added TODs to some tiles, replaced bad-looking city TODs with simpler ones from TW's stock terrains.
  • Improved Saudi E-3A skin and decals, with few data tweaks and disabled bugged shadows, by Viper63a.
  • Improved EF-111A, F-111E and F-111F skin textures, with help by Viper63a.
  • Improved AGM-84 textures with correct letters and colours, by Viper63a.
  • Improved many gun, AAA and other miscellaneous sounds by guuruu.
  • Fixed numerous hitbox and collision point mistakes on almost all aircraft, alongside misc improvements.
  • Fixed missing weathering details on the IrAFCamo1 skin for the MiG-23UB.
  • Fixed wrongly referenced 2BR rack for the Mirage F1CK-2, as noted by RustyKurnass.
  • Fixed fuel probe missing from cockpit view on the A-6E SWIP and EA-6B aircraft.
  • Fixed misaligned display crosshair in the A-10A/OA-10A cockpits, by Viper63a.
  • Fixed missing and/or wrong data about the BRU-3/A rack for the F-111E, as reported by dtmdragon.
  • Fixed wrong position of objects in the Ras al-Qulayah Naval Base target area.
  • Updated loadout and miscellaneous data for the P-3C aircraft, by Viper63a.
  • Updated F-16A loadout and data to include the GPU-5/A gunpod, by dtmdragon.
  • Updated all F-16 skins so that AGM-65 launch rails are properly green, by dtmdragon.
  • Updated the included realSKY environment mod to the latest version.

Minimum Requirements

Required products from ThirdWire:

  • Strike Fighters 2
  • Strike Fighters 2: Israel
  • Strike Fighters 2: North Atlantic

Full support for:

  • Mission Editor DLC
  • Campaign Customizer DLC

System specs:

  • OS: Windows 7 x86
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.7 GHz
  • Memory: 4.0 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 17.0 GB Free Space
  • Video Card: 1024 MB DirectX 10

This high quality freeware total conversion/modification is currently available for download exclusively at

For further details: Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition - Christmas Release - Thirdwire: Strike Fighters Series News - CombatACE

Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition - v0.9.5 Release

Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition - v0.9.5 Release

Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition 1 comment and the ODS Dev Team are proud to announce the second official release of Operation Desert Storm: 30th Anniversary Edition, now reaching...

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