Strangelings is a game for iOS and the web. As a player, you raise interactive fantasy pets--Strangelings--in lush, imaginative environments. These animals have many different traits and colors, resulting in a nearly limitless number of possible combinations. Strangelings can look very different from each other, but they all have dominant and recessive genes, which they pass along to their offspring. With a little work, experimentation, and careful breeding, you can create your ideal pet! Players can buy and sell their pets to other breeders through an auction house, expanding the range of genetic possibilities in their collection. This auction house allows participants to cash out their auction proceeds in real dollars! Have a favorite Strangeling? Finally get one with those horns you have been wanting? It's simple to share photos of your pets on Facebook! Because Strangelings is playable both on the web and on iOS devices like iPads, it's easy to peek in on your pets anytime.

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Strangelings Auction House

Strangelings Auction House


The Strangelings Auction House is open for business!

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I miss this game :(

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