Starwrestler is a "create your own wrestler" management mobile game with procedural generated promotions. Earn your fights, earn your titles and earn your respect. Available Q4 2018

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What's StarWrestler?


The main picture

StarWrestler intends to be the companion for your long boring trips while you imagine yourself as a top star in the wrestling industry. Enter in a management simulation system to battle your way to the top, earn your titles and go on with unimaginable feuds with procedural generated wrestlers, companies and titles. Every experience in StarWrestler is unique.

Random generated promotions, wrestlers and titles!

Every action counts

Maybe winning isn't everything. In pure wrestling, winning is important but frequently we take the loser as the big winner in a match for standing out against his opponent - that's where StarWrestler excels. Your company manager will give you different opponents to choose from and fight. Their skills, along with your match performance will influence the final result of the combat.

You've found yourself a great partner for great ratings? Feud him

Feuds can be good or bad. A feud can improve your popularity (or overness as we like to call it) or worse, it can decrease it. If you have high rating possibility match available and your performance is bad it'll hurt your feud overness which will hurt your own as well.

Hit and take hits

No one likes to see a one sided match right? Taking hits is as important as making them! If you are dominated in a match or if you dominate a match you'll never have the same rating as a well fought one!

Segments are important

Not only does a wrestler sell his moves on the ring he also sells his charisma in remarkable segments. Challenge a champion, call out an opponent, believe yourself as the greatest wrestler alive or challenge the management.

Training is a part of your life
Acquire and train your skills, overcome any difficulty and become the top dog, but always remember: Can a super heavyweight make a moonsault?

When can i try it?

StarWrestler is currently being developed by one man army and can take its time. Its first build is expected to be released by the end of September and made available to everyone with continuous support and along your feedback continuous features.

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