Explore a vast world from the perspective of eight heroes each with their own stories. Fully realized world with unique cultures across different nations. Characters, both main and supporting playing a pivotal role in how the story unfolds. Defeat challenging foes with your reflexes on move inputs as well as knowledge of their weaknesses. Forge bonds with the denizens of each nation and unite them against those who threatens the peace.

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In commemoration of the Beta Demo.
A humble competition is currently held for all you lovely people who came here to play my game.
The below prizes will be award to those who are able to complete the Rogue Game Mode: Edge of Reality.
Placement for prize awarding is based off whoever is the first to upload video footage of the completed run.

All Four Boss Beaten Award (in USD):

First 5 person to produce a video of you beating all four of the final boss will also be awarded $40 on top of the below categories. A little thanks for the omega lord who have been super helpful with the testing process! For only this category, full run is not required, and edited video is allowed. Only footage of the end bosses are needed.

[0/5 Claimed]

Single Completion Race Prizes (in USD):

First to submit a full run, beating the final boss shall be awarded as follows; (Rules are stated below.)

  1. First Place: $120 [Claimed by BigSquirrell]
  2. Second Place: $90 [Claimed by WrathofWood]
  3. Third Place: $60
  4. Forth Place: $40
  5. Fifth Place: $30

To thank those who have been tireless dealing with my bugs and performance issues. I'd like to expand the prize pool further. Three new placements has been added. (I will see to adding even more if more issues are discovered!)

  • Sixth Place: $30
  • Seventh Place: $30
  • Runner Up in Eight: $15
  • Runner Up in Ninth: $15
  • Runner Up in Tenth: $15

Beta Participation Prizes (in USD):

First 20 participants to submit footage of any attempt with the final boss (full run not required) will be eligible for a $5 participation reward. This is attributed separately from the completion prizes. Which means you may be eligible for both participation and the completion prize.

[2/20 Claimed]

To ensure that we are all on the even playing field, I would be requesting submissions to be uploaded preferably as a single video clip. A completed run (From start to end) of Edge of Reality should likely be around 3 hours. Below are the allowed ways for submission. You may upload it to YouTube, or any hosting site that doesn't require me to sign up for anything to retrieve the footage. Either link me in discord or leave a post under the game's itch.io page. If video is hosted outside of YouTube, please ensure there is a way for me to verify the upload time and date so I may award accordingly.

The game mode has an autosave feature until a game over. You may safely quit to menu or return to the game as long as you pause your run OUTSIDE of a battle. With that said, you may submit your video as;

The video must include.
Opening area team building and starting item choice.
Galdaroth Boss Fight (Bridge Boss)
Arena Boss Fight
Brute Boss Fight
Elementals Boss Fight
Final Trial (Of Your Choice)

It can be submitted as a single video with cuts,
Separate videos of the same run.

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Starscribed BETA 2.6

Starscribed BETA 2.6


Want a turn based combat system that truly emphasize on execution and planning? Not a fan of padding and repetitive battles? Kindred Novel offers no million-healthed...

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