Star Zeal is a work in progress 4x space strategy game with a focus on a more personal take with your civilization and its characters. A mixture between a procedural, open ended RPG and a space civilization builder. You are represented in the game by a customizable character as the leader of your civilization, your character can die and be replaced by your progeny or desired replacements.

The main game has you play in the Milky Way galaxy with pre-made star clusters and systems like our own the Sol system and many procedural star clusters. You will be able to play as many different species, even minor ones, from large militaristic empires to isolated nomadic species, or even a race of pirates. The end goals of each faction created, or pre-made can be extremely variable. Sometimes a faction only wants to hide from everyone in their tiny corner of the universe.

One of the main features is the procedural nature of many important aspects of the game. From characters to star clusters and even the research. This also allows a vast play area where exploration is valued.

Unique features.

-Massive galaxy to play in with real life star clusters and procedurally generated as you go along.
-Deep character and species system, more focus on character interaction and development.
-Espionage, military tactics, diplomacy and exploration will be more favourable than sheer expansion.
-Very different end goals per faction(that players can set too), From isolationists of single systems, to massive galactic empires.
-Research tree is dynamic/non linear and depends on external factors. There is essentially no tree, but paths created by the players actions. Tech is procedural.
-Alignment system, good or bad depending on actions you take.

Basic features

-Unique races, with unique ship sets, characters and other art including planetary bases.
-Real time, with adjustable time skips and pause.
-Ship design.
-Full real time 3d battles on all axis.
-3d colony.
-Diplomacy and influence.
-Automation when the player wants, in multiple aspects of gameplay.

Main pre made factions for early access are:

  • Human Empire
  • Sirius Rebels(minor rebels)
  • Solarians(Exiled Humans)
  • Carcharon(large carnivorous reptilians)
  • Mikonians(large carnivorous mammals)
  • Lorr(minor nomadic humanoids)
  • Bortax(mechanical hive)
  • Sion(small, extremely advanced, psychic humanoids)
  • Sphen(minor reptilians)
  • Archonyx(hybrid, non corporeal humanoids)
  • Procedural pirate and minor factions.

Older work in progress images and quick concept artworks can be viewed on the twitter page: @Akuu_D_E

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I just spent some time studying your Dev log, very impressive and you seem to be bringing some very fresh elements and ideas to the game.
I see some innovation, some aspects that remind me of the better 4Xs of yore, and it appears that you are managing to blend it together well.
Once again, I wish you good luck

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Thilaksha Creator

Latest dev log here its a biggun :) :

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This is really good, I hope you finish it

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Thilaksha Creator

Thanks :).

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Thilaksha Creator

Star Zeal 4x website with dev log:

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Almost missed this one, and that would have been a shame.
There are countless 4X games in existence these days, and many more than that are under development. One would think that with this level of activity, on a genre that is decades old, we players would have seen some significant innovation and evolution over the course of time. Certainly the production values have gotten better, but that isn’t what I’m talking about… the essence of the games, the “formula” if you will, is just a “rinse and repeat” of what we’ve been experiencing from the beginning.
This game however, seems ready to attempt something better, something more. Rest assured I will be watching this one closely and hoping for the best.

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Thilaksha Creator

Thank you. I'm very glad someone is taking such a keen interest. Keeps me inspired.

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Hi Thilaksha, you’re welcome.
I don’t underestimate the task you have set up for yourself, take a look around this site… so many games with promise that never got finished. Then there are the titles that screamed failure at the concept stage.
Today things are different than during my time, there are countless indie devs assisted by a number of good engines, and the result is that we have a tsunami of games… it makes it difficult for the good ones to stand out, and too easy for devs to be discouraged.
Normally I only observe, (lurk), but when something grabs my attention strongly enough, I break habit. Your game fascinated me on multiple fronts as you are attempting to think outside the box and offer an innovative approach to the genre. Tech trees that aren’t set in stone, multiple play-styles, with unique advantages/disadvantages, a more personalized RPG feel to characters, etc.
It is important then that you do not get discouraged, the road ahead of you is hard, you could make the “perfect” game and still be buried in obscurity, your task isn’t to simply code a great game…
But for now, just do what you’re doing, you have some excellent concepts under consideration, executed well, these concepts will breathe some fresh air into what has become a rather stale and tired genre.

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Thilaksha Creator

Busy working on the core game code mostly, once all the really hard stuff is done I will do another Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to get more hands on this.

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