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Post tutorial RSS Kotor 2 in 1080p (updated)

This tutorial showcases a method to get the steam version of Kotor 2 working in 1080p as well as adjusting the HUD. This method has been updated to include other resolutions.

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This video tutorial has detailed instruction adapting the steam version of Kotor 2 to widescreen.
This video is for virtually any resolution
This is compatible with TSLRCM

Basic steps (text only)

  1. Watch the video above
  2. Download all programs for the links below.
  3. Run the game and change the resolution
  4. run the patcher and select your resolution
  5. Modify the .ini to the correct resolution
  6. move the 1080p folder from the UI mod into the Override folder
  7. Run the game

Playlist of kotor 2 mod showcases-
For questions, concerns or assistance regarding this tutorial please leave a comment on the Youtube Video above an i will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.

Links needed.
UniWS- Wsgf.orgSquizzy-
UI fixes-


For some reason, KOTOR 1 and 2 always worked in widescreen for me, without any mods.

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Garyn Dakari

Either you or your computer must have been blessed by the gods of PC gaming.

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They always worked for me also. I ran it on my new monitor at 1440p and it's still working great.

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They "work" in Widescreen for me, as well, in that the engine kind of doesn't know what to properly do with non-4:3 or 5:4 resolutions and so it coughs out something that's sufficient and fills the borders internally; but circles aren't circles and proportions are all off. Aspect ratio not preserved.

A very thick Star Wars universe remains totally playable, but as for my preferences I use Flawless Widescreen for KOTOR the first, and just run at as high of an in-game resolution as possible for KOTOR II before it clicks over and goes into widescreen mode. The GPU can scale it, preserving aspect ratio, with whatever extras you like all present and accounted for, so I let it. Or have, anyway.

Probably going to change now, especially since this will be my first playthrough with the TSL restored content mod :)

I'll go through this little bit of trouble because the game does, even after all that, look better at native resolution than it does with all the SSAA in the world piled on at sub-native scaled by the graphics card. Internal scaling in addition to the 8xMSAA the game provides to 3x3 the x and y resolutions shrunk back to 1280x960 produces a good looking image, but it's nowhere near as crisp as my monitor's native resolution would be with less SSAA (still some; though the in-game 8xMSAA is actually really good, it isn't perfect, and with how old these games are, it's no stress on even decent price:performance cards to run them beyond maxed with third-party tools to beautify things a bit).

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AWESOME! This fixed everything for me, thanks a bajillion!

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