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Which game are you waiting?

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Games that people are waiting for this year as they will play the most

Which game are you waiting?

is already well underway, and the real game year is right around the corner. 2014 was in many ways the starting year for the new console generation, and all got to see a number of postponements, which has resulted in a seemingly eventful year this time.

~ Bloodborne ~

Demon's Souls
was in the beginning just a little kulthit. Now Souls series almost managed to become a completely separate genre. The genius behind Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, Hidetake Miyazaki, is finally back with their new lovechild: Bloodborne.

The game follows in the same spirit as the rest of Souls games, with unpardonable surroundings and leaden bosses, but in this game are forward-time philosophy completely reverse. Passive playing with shields and blockages removed in favor of aggressive playing with shotgun and transform just blow guns. The game looks searing out, and I look forward madly much to explore and get a beating in the Gothic town Yharnam.

Developer: From Software - Publisher: Sony - Launch date: March 25

~ Watch trailer of the game here ~

~ Battlefield Hardline ~

One of the games most people look forward to this year must be Battlefield: Hardline. The game has for a number of opinions is very good starting point and much potential for both good history in singleplayer campaign and great variation in maps for multiplayer.

might not be so happy that Battlefield goes beyond the ordinary, with different countries using their militaries, but I think this could be a very fresh breath in the series. It also gives the opportunity to some fun gamemodes in multiplayer since it is the police against robber, which may allow refugee, breaking into places, stealing from transport and much else.

It is perhaps much to hope for, but you never know what the developers intend, then just hope for the best. Taster that part got last year was at least very good and showed some of the new possibilities with hooks and ropes one four after that villain. Battlefield their gadgets have always been very interesting and they do not think Hardline disappoint on this front. Although the game has a new turn, so it still feels like Battlefield, which at least some appreciate.

Developer: Visceral Games - Publisher: EA - Launch date: March 19

~ Watch 12 minutes of Singleplayer of the game here ~

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Now we have
all waited long Geralt its recent history. Yet there is something that causes me to believe that this game can live up to the gigantic hype that has been collected during these 15 months it has been postponed. Anyone who has followed the development have realized that this could be something special.

After The Witcher 2 that ended with Nifgaard finally invaded the northern kingdoms, it seems that Geralt must work through a bloody war for finding his lost love. If Wild Hunt is as good as the Inquisition was, will probably summer months just disappear.

Developer: CD Projekt RED

Publisher: Bandai Namco- Launch date: May 19

~ Watch trailer of the game here ~

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

It starts approaching a year since Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes was launched. This game would serve as a prologue to the real Metal Gear Solid V, The Phantom Pain. In The Phantom Pain continues one story to Venom Snake, also known as Big Boss, after the events that occurred at Ground Zeroes. This time the player should get moving in a massive open world. To put that in perspective, the game reportedly be 200 times greater than Ground Zeroes.

It is obviously stealth that is in focus, but this time in a much larger and open perspective. In addition to snake its standard, it is this time permit military vehicles. This may provide a new range of variation for both new and old players. Quests can this time be determined in a separate order to create a linear storytelling.

As in Peace Walker gets this time also possible to have a base where one can develop and upgrade weapons as well as recruitment of new personnel. There are also opportunities to control Snake from the air! The Phantom Pain should run on the same engine that was used in Ground Zeroes, ie FOX ENGINE. As I let evident in my review of Ground Zeroes, the graphics a paragraph for themselves. One should not really far from photorealism to describe graphic. Besides all this, there will also be opportunity for multiplayer. This will go under the name Metal Gear Online.

Developer: Kojima Productions

Publisher: Konami - Release Date: Unknown

~ Watch cut trailers of the game here ~

Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady seems to do it a few other games companies have done before them. Namely preferentially cause a trilogy to perfection. The two previous games look certain to have managed to build up under a coherent story that seems to reach its climax with Arkham Knight.

This time it is the Scarecrow who is the big villain after the events of Arkham City led to the gangs united under one head, but that does not mean we do not get to see both old and new acquaintances through history. In addition, we finally allowed to board the Batmobile. There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Rocksteady not be able to deliver with its last chapter in a very solid trilogy, and perhaps the best ever game based on a superhero.

Developer: Rocksteady - Publisher: Warner Bros - Release Date: June 2

~ Watch trailers of the game here "Father to Son" ~

Tom Clancy's The Division

Expectations for Ubisoft new game series is large. It is an ambitious project that combines familiar and addictive RPG elements that loot and progression along with items we know from Dayz. We'll explore a post-pandemic New York in all its crumbling splendor, and based on the trailers that have been shown becomes an emotional and dramatic journey that almost looks uncomfortably realistic.

There are many who are looking forward to the fight the many threats to New York, whether it is computer-programmed enemies or other players you meet on the road.

Developer: Ubisoft - Publisher: Ubisoft - Release Date: Unknown

~ Watch trailer of the game here ~

❇ Overwatch ❇

moves once again reprinted waters to conquer yet another new genre. Overstrike looks primarily hilarious out, with colorful visuals and a multitude of distinctive and interesting playable characters. It has often been referred to as shooting game MOBA, a genre that is very popular these days.

It is an intense shooter with a focus on cooperation and finesse, and I'm excited like crazy to finally try it. History The story will take place through carefully orchestrated cutscenes, and if they resemble anything on the Pixar-like trailer they released during the announcement of the game at Blizzcon is the only good things to come.

Developer: Blizzard - Publisher: Blizzard - Release Date: Unknown

~ Watch Gameplay trailer of the game here ~

The Legend Of Zelda - Wii U

Christmas is
perhaps for this time, but Zelda Wii U is enough already at the top of many wish lists for next year. The game has been showcased twice now and both times visually seemed like a lovely game, and in the other view got everyone a taste of both a huge, utforskbar world and which pretends to be a quick and entertaining combat system.

Zelda fans have much to look forward to in 2015, with a remake of Majora's Mask on the stairs to the 3DS, but it is still the new Wii U game that most get it to itch in my fingers to get the game controller in his hands. Head of production, Eiji Aonuma, have argued that this game will break with old conventions fans might expect.

And I'm excited to see the extent to which he is going to do this. Some fanatics online predicts a female Link, or multiplayer options. Although, I think it becomes a sumptuous crossover with GTA and the name eventually becomes "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to Liberty City." Or maybe not.

~ Watch trailer of the game here ~

Star Wars: Battlefront

When EA revealed a few people how much love developers let in the production of the new Star Wars: Battlefront game, can not Star Wars fans other than to rejoice. During E3 last year they got a glimpse of how detailed DICE has chosen to do the job.

And just the thought of playing Battlefield 4 in the Star Wars universe, like a Storm Trooper, set lists high. How will the game be in relation to the previous Battlefront games and what new things we will be introduced now that there's a new Star Wars movie in production? It's going to be very exciting to see what DICE find on. The good old Battlefront games was well received, and someone plays them still.

Developer: DICE - Publisher: EA - Launch Date: Q4

~ Watch official trailer E3 of the game here ~

So what game are you waiting for?

Share your thoughts in the Comments Box


I am waiting for Star Wars Battlefront, just because Star Wars Battlefront I and II were my two really first games that i've played on PC. They were the first of a long list...
Sometimes, I play SWBII to remind me the good old time...
I'm just wondering if they have planned to make the Clone Wars era or if modders are needed to do that...
Let's see =D

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Is it just me that doesn't care for most of those games? Asides from The Witcher 3 and Star Wars Battlefront 3 I don't see anything that would even be worth a look.

Kind of disappointed that neither Star Citizen nor Kingdom Come Deliverance (Both of which should have a decent amount of content coming out this year) were not mentioned.

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IKR, Star Citizen's only in Alpha and it shows more promise than any over-hyped crap a big corporation can spew out of its marketing department.

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Actually the only games I'm waiting for this year are Star Wars Battlefront 3 and Kingdom Come, Star Citizen/Elite Dangerous like you said ElfFriend.

I also hope they will integrate the Clone Wars era, because it's one of the many reasons I'm still playing number 1 and 2 of the series.

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If it has EA's or Ubisoft's stamp on it, automatically I and I think anyone at this point shouldn't care much until its released. At which point, if it is known to be riddled with bugs, severely lacking in content, or buried in micro-transactions, your money will be safe to buy something worth getting. As this is the case with the overwhelming majority of AAA games.

Perhaps only Battlefront 3 is worth an exception since it has established good old mechanics and we all know how reliable the guys over at CD Project Red are.

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Sadly i have a potato and i won't be able to play any of these. I'll just get out of here before i start crying :(

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Sadly that's how our market turns out. If you don't cycle fast enough of hardware, you're game over.

Pushing you to overconsumption. :/ And strangely enough it's because of the gamers themselves, who wants every year even more detailed and powerfull games. A vicious cycle it is. :/

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Alot more games than that to look forward to, Hyper Light Drifter, Barkley 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Hotline Miami 2, 35MM, Stasis, Master Spy, Space Hulk: Deathwing, Stealer, The Hum, Solarix, DreadOut Act 2, Dyling Light, Hellraid, Soma, Project Zomboid v1, Nekro v1, Qasir al-Wasat: A Night in-Between, Satellite Reign, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, Wake Up Call, The Mandate, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and possibly: Routine, Raindrop, Reset, Ground Branch, Interference, Cyberpunk 2077, Heart Forth Alicia, Bloodlust: Shadowhunter, and Mad Max. Seeing Elite: Dangerous get planet exploration, co-controlled capital ships, & NPC crew. For 2016, Pathologic and Tower 57.

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OMG !!
SW battlefront again
It WAS CANCELED , can you finaly get it into your minds?
But otherwise nice list, I personaly cant wait for The Division, Batman and The Witcher 3

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Garyn Dakari

Battlefront 3 was cancelled many years ago, yes. Then Disney bought Lucasfilm/arts, they handed the reigns to EA/DICE, who promptly began development on and announced a new Battlefront game. Whether it will be any good, I don't know, but it seems highly unlikely it will be cancelled again at this point.

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Garyn Dakari

The only ones I'm really planning on playing in this list are Arkham Knight and Witcher 3. The latter of which I don't expect to play for a year or two, since I still haven't got around to playing the first two or finishing the book series.

Battlefront gets a "maybe" from me. I love Star Wars, but EA has a tendency to rush things out and mess things up, and I'm sure they won't allow any delays, since they're going to want to release alongside the new movie.

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Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. That's about it from me. Battlefront 3 will be shite after having DICE and EA's corrupting hands upon it, especially because they don't even know the fundamental laws of an FPS (let alone the fact they're releasing Hardline this year and Battlefield 5 the next), and The Division is probably going to be wrecked by rushed development and false promises.

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The game I am looking forward to, that is not on this list sadly, is Dreadnought. Pretty freakin' awesome to say the least. Very fun, but simple game.

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Look up Fractured Space on Steam, from what I've seen of Dreadnought they're practically the same game. Its very cheap too. I got my hands on the $22 pack of stuff and it came with 4 extra copies of the game to throw at people. If you got some spare change on you, you might as well pick up the $7 version.

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There are loads of great games here with a very nice quality, but I'm not a person who likes horror games. I get too fast afraid of it, so you can call coward if you will, lol :P

But there are two games here that got my attention very fast and the games is called Zelda and Overwatch. I've always been very fond of Zelda games since I was little and just see that it comes more of that with new story to tell makes me incredibly happy.

Overwatch looks like a very fun online game that I want to try out, I play very little when it comes to PC, but if it comes to Xbox I'll see if I can get that game when it comes out.

I looked at the trailer section to star wars game here, fun to see that the game is made here in Sweden ^_^

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Bloodborne and The Witcher 3 will be the best games of this year.

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