Star Apocalypse is the reinvention of the 4X genre. The game is a real time game of intergalactic civilization, using the computation power of modern computers to run advanced simulations on cultural, technological and societal interaction and development.

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Oct 29 2010 Anchor

Hello everyone,

here's a simple question: In which time do you want Star Apocalypse to take place?

A short summary of both:

Post Apocalyptic:
- In this timeline, there are hardly any planets or stars. The planets which you'll find likely are very hard to make fully habitable. It makes for a very hostile environment caused by the map. Advanced technologies are already present, and it's a more EVE-like universe (in terms of mechanics).

- In this timeline, you start on a fictional planet, with technology comparable to ours. Planets and stars are common, but most planets are uninhabitable. This version will lay a heavy emphasis on player vs player interaction. This will also contain the most dangers. This timeline will contain alot of innovative things, which create a unique gaming experience.

Let me know what you think of them! (reply or so)

And finally, vote :)

Shhhhhhhhhhh, it's still secret!

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