Squashed is a multiplayer, party racing game in which players eliminate each other by being the last person left on screen. Players control micro-sized Ramikins who are a part of a micro-sized, racing tournament. They ride on modified snails and the race takes place across various outdoor environments. Squashed’s gameplay focuses on a knock out styled racing mode. A player that falls behind due to an obstacle, or being pushed off the edge, is automatically destroyed. This continues until one player has accrued the winning amount of points and takes out the tournament.

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Squashed! is live!


With the year coming to a close we have release our game Squashed v1.0.

Squashed! Is a party, arcade racing game that is set in an outdoor, garden environment. As a member of the Ramiken species, a race of tiny garden people, players take part in an annual racing tournament that decides the leader of their species.

Squashed! has a top down perspective and its gameplay has players competing to be the last person left
alive. Players who fall off-screen of the camera are eliminated from the round and the surviving player is rewarded with points.

So grab your controllers and grab some friends because it is time to race for the Ramekin princess!

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Squashed! v1.0

Squashed! v1.0

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Squashed! the high paced action racing game is now released to the world!

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