The first version of Squarelaxy was a Flash game, published in 2013. It was well received among the gaming community. Because of the limitations of Flash we rewrote it into a standalone game. We froze the project a few times, but we always ended up getting back to Squarelaxy.

In October 2019 we opened the alpha for the latest reincarnation of Squarelaxy. Hope you will enjoy it.

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As we said in December — 0.10 was going to be a movement rework and a tweak to the core mechanics. 5 months later we have the update ready. We know this was a long wait, but we think it was necessary. Expect next updates to arrive more often.

This update was mostly for the back-end but we also have some visible changes:

  • Reworked Player movement
    Added Stamina allowing players to Sprint (Shift key) for a 25% speed boost. Players will now accelerate faster. Jump got completely overhauled (Space key). Mini-jump is available while on top of a climbable tile (costs 50 Stamina points).
  • Networking overhaul for player movement, shooting & tiles
  • Reworked Mobs
    Mobs now work with spawners, allowing editors to change how many spawn from one tile (capped at 10)
  • New Mobs:
    • Orb of Lightning (Flying, very high speed, very high health)
    • Zombie (Walking, very low speed, very high health)
    • Spiky Turtle (Walking, low speed, high health)
    • Giant Bat (Flying, medium speed, low health)
    • Quadropus (Flying, medium speed, medium health)
    • Slime 2 (Walking, medium speed, medium health)
  • Mob changes:
    • Bat (Flying, medium speed, very low health)
    • Ghost (Flying, high speed, high health)
    • Slime (Walking, medium speed, medium health)
  • New Powerups:
    • Health Boost: Increases max health by 50% and adds 10% health regeneration for 10 seconds
    • Shield Boost: Increases max shield by 50% and adds 10% shield regeneration for 10 seconds
    • Stamina Boost: Increases max stamina by 50% and adds 10% stamina regeneration for 10 seconds
  • Powerup changes:
    • Renamed Sprint to Speed Boost
    • High Jump value increased from 16% to 30%
  • Players will now respawn with a Pistol
  • New Ability & Powerup icons
  • Bug fixes & improvements
Squarelaxy is back

Squarelaxy is back


Everything was completely rewritten and we already had a few major updates.

Beta 2 is open!

Beta 2 is open!


I know it took us a lot to open beta 2 again. But we had to rewrite it from scratch again. So here’s our second rewrite on beta 2.

Squarelaxy Rewrite

Squarelaxy Rewrite


We're rewriting squarelaxy from scratch, 100% from scratch.

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How do u download?!

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devjah Creator
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you can play this game on

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Link to Download ,I am talk Spanish XD

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devjah - - 2 comments

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