Space Impossible is a singleplayer and multiplayer open universe sandbox game where every object is made of tiles, and every tile matters.

Key Features

  • Every physical object is made of tiles, and every tile is destructible
  • Procedurally generated universe, with shareable seed or share whole universes
  • Collect materials, make new things, place them and take control
  • Upgrade ships and space stations components with better weapons, reactors, engines and more
  • Play alone, on LAN or internet with friends or strangers.
  • Blast bad guys with superior tactical knowledge.

Game Play
Space Impossible is an Early Access game currently in its Alpha phase. Complete with creation, destruction and everything in between, the Universe is
procedurally generated, providing endless combinations of Universes to explore.

Start out in a small Venture class ship, but soon move on to larger and more sophisticated ships, all the while upgrading ship components like
engines, reactors and weapons. Manufacture, steal or buy kits, or find floating in space wrecks of an ill-fated crew and take it for your own.

Meet different human and alien factions, each with their own cultures, and ships and stations to express it. Take sides in on going struggles,
or stay neutral and attempt to play both sides. Meet with tradeships and stations and buy and sell for materials, or go out and mine it for yourself.

Take combat to a whole new level never seen before, selecting from hundreds of weapon configurations as you slice, blast and explode through
anyone foolish enough to stand in your way.

Play on a LAN or across the Internet with friends or strangers as you play together, or attempt to dominate each other in a vivid, ever
changing universe. Complete with customized content and community run dedicated servers, the stars the limit for playing Space Impossible your way.

As a game in Alpha, Space Impossible has a number of features complete, and several more planned for development.

The current version includes star system generation, several factions, hundreds of ships, stations, asteroids and planetoids, dozens of components, friendly and hostile AI, and working multiplayer.

For more details on the development schedule, please visit the roadmap

Developed by two guys in an Anglo-American partnership of epic proportions, they bring over a combined decade of experience to the table. A work in progress over the last few years,
the team is really excited to finally be sharing Space Impossible with the world.

Music by Elliot Miller

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After many long nights and coffee soaked mornings we have finally gotten Space Impossible to a stable and fun enough state that we have released the first build on Steam Early Access (big thanks to everyone who voted on the Greenlight for this). Its still a long and tough road ahead but we feel with your help we can make the game what we all want it to be.

Here's the first alpha trailer for you to point your eyes at:

If you wish to find out more about the game please head over to where we layout our plans for the game and also post on a somewhat regular blog.

Space Impossible Greenlight - Please Vote Now !

Space Impossible Greenlight - Please Vote Now !

News 1 comment

We’ve launched the Greenlight page on Steam and put together a brand new trailer specifically for Greenlight, please check it out and vote right now...

Space Impossible Prototype Released

Space Impossible Prototype Released

News 3 comments

The proof-of-concept prototype for Space Impossible has been released. Carve your way into a moon, smash a bad guy into an asteroid, or just fly around...

Space Impossible Features

Space Impossible Features


Space Impossible Features. What to expect from the final game.

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Dr_Krololo's ships pack

Dr_Krololo's ships pack

Dr_Krololo's ships pack Other

This mod adds 3 ships: "Omega", "Giro" and "Zphere"

Guest - - 696,251 comments

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Guest - - 696,251 comments

i dreamed of this game as child. weird. wish i designed it.

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Heffernan - - 140 comments

hey, how would one go about trying this game? cant find a beta download :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mik3k - - 199 comments

This looks fan-friggin-tastic. I want to buy a copy when it's done, maybe 2 if it's coop. Downloading your prototype right now.

This is one of those games that makes me feel really good when I first see it.


Love the size of blocks in the asteroids and the ships. The big green blocks are too big maybe?? You could carve out some pretty cool stuff if those blocks were small like the asteroids. This could turn into a big art canvas for some people.

Still looks like a lot of fun.

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Reactorcore - - 646 comments


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CYON4D - - 276 comments

Looks great!

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