In Souls of Emerya you take control of a wizard. You and your team must defend the vault where the souls where your brave ancestors rest from the corrupted souls who want to enter into it. Each match in SoE consist in two teams (up to 5 players each), each team must defend their soul vault and send bad souls to the opposite team, for every soul sent the player's gold income will raise. Players are able to buy items to make the defense easier. The teams can only interact by the souls they send (and a fancy chat).

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SoE is a multiplayer action/strategy game which we are currently developing. The game will hopefully consist of:
- 45 different enemies (two of them are already done).
- More than 50 different items (21 already implemented).
- Several skins to choose from (wizard skin is done!).
- Skill system with at least one skill (TBD, future design).

Other stuff that we might add:
- Social support for the game client (friend list and those things).
- Several servers, just in case the one we are using gets overwhelmed.
- Mod support (why not? seems fun).

And that's all about it. We will keep you up to date with anything regarding this game, we are looking for an open demo in the near future so you can try it yourselves.

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