Millenia ago the Greek Gods claimed the Earth and Heavens from The Titans.Imprisoned in the depths of Tartarus, The Titans hatred of the Gods grew as did their desire to reclaim the Earth.In the year 2394, the Gods powers have greatly diminished due to humanity’s lack of faith. Sensing that the Gods powers have been weakened, The Titans break free from their prison in Tartarus and seek to restore their former rule over the Earth. Using Man’s technologies and machines they have quickly amassed a formidable army. With the Gods too weak to stop them, humanity needs a true hero to save them.The once great King of Ithica, Odysseus, has been awoken from his eternal slumber by a mysterious entity known only as “The Fates”. Encased in a new mechanical body he has been chosen to rid the world of The Titans and destroy their newly amassed army.Odysseus will embark on colossal journey. First, throughout a war-torn Greece, ravaged by The Titans, and then beyond the mortal realm itself. To help him on his quest The Fates have given Odysseus a unique ability to overcome death itself. But is it a blessing or a curse...

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The Christmas update is here just in time for the big day.

There are 7 Christmas themed Creatures to get and you can use their attachments on any of your own creatures. We've got all the festive options for you; Christmas Lights to light your creatures up, Rudolph's shining red nose and antlers, there's even a few snowman attachments to make your own frosty fella. And if you've been naughty this year, there's some coal attachments too.

We're giving away all the attachments for the Christmas Tree Creature for free! They're only obtainable for the holiday season so go grab them now whilst you can.

Creature Battle Lab Christmas 00

Creature Battle Lab is free to play on iOS & Android so go download it today and join in on the creature creation and battling fun!

Apple App Store -

Google Play Store -

See you in the lab!

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