Have you ever been playing a Roguelike and wished you were dragging a long tail behind you? No?

Well have you ever been playing Snake and wished it had more monsters and combat and procedurally generated dungeons to explore? Me neither.

Welcome to the world of Snakelike!


  • Roguelike action with a twist: Explore cavernous, procedurally generated levels filled with monsters and treasure. As you grow longer, take care to protect your segments or risk getting split in two.
  • Snakelike twistings with some roguelike action: Eat apples to grow in length. Use your segments to surround and outmaneuver your enemies, but be careful not to get in your own way.
  • Distinct monsters: Each monster type features a unique combination of behaviours and preferences encouraging you to develop specific strategies to deal with each foe.
  • Pattern-based Spell System: Acquire and cast spells by arranging your body into different patterns. The only thing preventing you from casting a spell every turn is the fact that you’ll need to re-contort yourself into the pattern.
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The Kickstarter Campaign for Snakelike has officially launched! The campaign will run from October 4th until midnight on November 3rd.

We have a lot of exciting features planned. But in order to make this game a reality, we need your help! So, we thought we’d highlight some of the fun rewards you can get for supporting us!

For a chance to take part in the creation of your very own monster, check out our Inspire a Monster tier, which will let you inspire the creation of a monster in the game by sending us a name or drawing!!

If physical rewards are what you seek, you can nab a Postcard from a Monster, a Poster, a T-Shirt, and even an actual recreation of a monster in either wood or yarn handcrafted by one of us!

From Desktop Wallpapers featuring key art to a Monster Manual featuring wisdom from The Oracle, we have plenty of delectable Digital Rewards to whet your appetite.

Finally, for the devoted Snakelike admirer, comes our Snake Egg tier, limited to a single backer. Not only will you receive Exclusive Knowledge of an Easter Egg in the game, but you will forever be immortalized in Snakelike history via a mention in-game by The Oracle!!!

There are plenty of other awards to be had, including access to the Beta and of course a copy of the actual game, as a DRM-free digital download or optionally via Steam key.

You can find them all on our Kickstarter Page.

About Snakelike

Snakelike is a turn-based Roguelike-Snake crossover game that combines the simple mechanics of Snake with the depth and replayability of a Roguelike.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eat apples to grow longer and longer but take care to protect your segments or risk getting split in two. Your segments serve as your effective HP and also affect your Attack and Defense.
  • Learn to use your tail to surround, squeeze and outmaneuver your enemies, but be careful not to get in your own way.
  • Master the unique magic system that involves arranging your segments into specific patterns to cast spells.

Play the demo.

About Placate The Cattin

We are a two-person team and we make everything from scratch - code, art, music, marketing, and now Kickstarter!

Releasing its first game in 2013, Placate The Cattin Productions has gone on to develop board games, card games and videogames for a plethora of platforms including PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Snakelike Kickstarter Launching October 4th

Snakelike Kickstarter Launching October 4th


Snakelike, the turn-based Roguelike-Snake crossover game, is heading to Kickstarter! The crowdfunding campaign is slated to kick off on October 4, 2017.

Snakelike Now Live on itch.io

Snakelike Now Live on itch.io


Snakelike is now playable for free in your browser on itch.io

Fargo69 - - 29 comments


love the concept!!!

Any chance for a downloadable version?

I would love to add this to collection of my roguelikes.

Cheers Larry

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KeithCourage Creator
KeithCourage - - 2 comments

Hi Larry!

We're excited to announce that on October 4th we're launching a Kickstarter campaign for an expanded downloadable version! For more info, see Indiedb.com

Thanks for playing!

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