Slender: Lost

A new story to the slender man universe,
You start off in your house after a long days work and decide to goto
bed, that is when the real nightmare begins. Or is it?

In total there are going to be four chapters (levels) two have been
completed so far. You will have to survive each chapter to unlock rewards.


Slender: Lost is based on the original slender game and the one created by parsec productions
It brings new features and twists to the slender mythos.

Easter Eggs

There are some hidden glitches in the game that have been purposly left behind.

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Slender Lost Demo v.4


The ending scare has been improved to have more of a jump effect, while going inside the slender bathroom you shouldn't die unless you see slender now (bug from previous demos), Reduced static when slender warps (should only do if he warps relatively in-front of you), Loading screen improved, Various changes to the map have been made, also when getting defeated by slender there is now an Exit Game option (for all you rage quitters out there).

Slender Lost Demo v.3

Slender Lost Demo v.3


In this update i have added the following new features / fixes:

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Slender Lost Demo v.17

Slender Lost Demo v.17


In this update the flash light range has been extended, slender model updated, and a range of other improvements.

Slender Lost Demo v.16

Slender Lost Demo v.16


In this update, i have fixed many bugs/glitches including the battery system, main screen, chapter select, invisible walls and more.

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Click&Maverick - - 11 comments

This game really had some unexpected parts, a few serious "drop everything and run" moments.

Check out our playthrough:

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-Mr.Black- - - 8 comments

I just featured this game as part of our Slendython marathon of Let's Plays at Last Level Press.


Really enjoyed this one! It stands out from a good deal of other Slender games. Looking forward to the completed release of the game.

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Guest - - 693,252 comments

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lilkai9 - - 137 comments

my slender god that's a lot of demos

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote - - 2 comments

i must be stupid or something but how do you download it?

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DogeTek - - 83 comments

The amount of Slender games on the internet


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Slendygamer - - 129 comments

Elevation, I found three youtubers who played his game: Xoda, Itowngameplay and Yamimash. I leave here the links to the videos:



Note: Xoda and Itowngameplay speak in Spanish

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OnMyTODD - - 5 comments

So far so good, I haven't been this scared of a slender game in quite some time. I wrote a small review on this and here is a link to my very short one attempt LP :

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KyleXreX - - 24 comments

I'm a pussy when it comes to playing horror games. I thought maybe just try it out, maybe it aint as scary as it looks. well you got me I alt F4'd
5 seconds after the first page

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Mitchell777 - - 165 comments

darkplaces engine isnt entirely have good graphic's it would take more work...

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