Silent Hill: Abandoned Child is a short game in third person.

Before the events of the game:

Simon Bachman is driving his pregnant wife Erica, who is about to give birth to their child, to the hospital. However they get caught up in a carcrash and Simon falls into a coma. When he wakes up after a long time, he finds out that his wife succumbed to her injuries from the carcrash. Simon feels responsible for her death even though he didn't cause it and even thinks about commiting suicide. But then he finds out that before his wife died she gave birth to a healthy baby which she named Ashley. Soon after he gets a notifiacation letter from the Smilehouse Orphanage, informing him, that his daughter is currently in their care. Simon decides that he wants to take his daughter into his care to raise and protect her, but something goes very wrong.

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Change of plans

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Silent Hill Abandoned Child isn't meant to be a perfect project. It's meant to be a test of my improvements in Blender that takes a form of a videogame. I only used the name "Silent Hill" because it is my favourite horror series.

One day I was just sitting at a computer and thought, that it would be cool, to make my own Silent Hill game. So i quickly came up with some story and then i started to sketch out the level desing and that was all i had planned before I actually started to work on the game.

After about two weeks i had the game somewhat complete. It was still first person, and i was playing it through to test it. Even after I was done with the testing I just didn't feel like publishing it. So I was delaying it and after some time i forgot about it. Few months passed until I remembered that i had this project. So I playied through it and afterwards I came up with a conclusion that I would try to change it from first person to third third person. As I am writing this article I am done changing the game now I am trying to optimize by reducing polygons, adding LoD (Level of detail) and reducing shadow resolution.blender 2017 06 28 20 24 41 47

The game will be released after optimization is done.

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Silent Hill Abandoned Child

Silent Hill Abandoned Child

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The game is done hope it runs fine. If you encounter problems, bugs or have any suggestions feel free to write me a message. (*This file has been updated...


Snad to bude lepší hra než ty poslední od Konami :D

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