Siege of Dungeon combines turn-based combat system and a grand dungeon ecosystem with roguelike elements. By controlling a challenger squad of four members, a thrilling conquest begins inside this mysterious underground city. By controlling the four unique characters, you have to: Kill enemies to enhance your abilities and status Explore the mysterious underground city and develop your strategy toward different creatures Reveal boss rooms and get yourself prepared for intensive boss fights Survive from the swarms of monsters and go deeper into the dungeon Team up to challenge formidable enemies or Split up to scout around the dungeon with a strategy of swiftness And at long last...Reach the deepest part of the dungeon, and discover the concealed secret Siege of Dungeon has constructed a beautiful ecosystem. With a challenging but addictive roguelike experience. Intensive battles with diversified strategies. A grand dungeon awaits for you to explore and conquer.

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Hey guys! We just posted a rouge-like pixel game on Kickstarter.


The dungeon consists of 5 unique levels, each with a lively ecosystem and mysterious monsters. As time goes by, monsters gather and eliminate the invaders.

It would be great to see you guys on Kickstarter! As a group of passionate gamers, we wish the best luck for all of us!

148fb2af762f934be56f939be423b5a1Dungeon Level 1 - Settlement of Goblin

15635ee67f5174fdaacf5b969aec1e04Dungeon Level 2 - Sapphire Forest

511beb87231e7fcc47992008157ee0d8Dungeon Level 3 - Ashen Manor

287872d7db16694c0d4c8fc542b1bce5Dungeon Level 4 - Arena of trials

9f2c437c8dce31380fb489f923f4b817Dungeon Level 5 - ???


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