Shine is a colorful puzzle game based on light and colors that will take you for an unforgettable travel in space!

Explore different planets and resolve challenging puzzles to bring the light back while listening to beautiful musics. Try to win all the stars by mixing colors together and using unique gameplay elements, with more to come in the future!

Shine is a refreshing puzzle game with relaxing music and pleasant visuals like no other.


* Free, no ads, no in-app purchases
* 30 challenging handcrafted levels
* Polished graphics
* Relaxing musics
* Multiple elements to help you solve all the puzzles
* Good replayability if you want to won all the stars

Want more?

Want to discover more planets with new levels, more gameplay elements and fresh musics?

* Give us a like on Facebook :
* Get in touch via e-mail :
* Rate the game on Google Play

Want to play the game in your language? Simply drop us an e-mail. :)

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Update 1.1


feature graphic

Hey guys,

Shine is available on Google Play ! Version 1.1 has just been published.

Download it here =>
Facebook page =>

We'll keep working on improvements based on the feedbacks we have received.
Have fun :)

Concept arts made for Emitters and Receiver elements. Opinions ?

Concept arts made for Emitters and Receiver elements. Opinions ?


Concept arts made for Emitters and Receiver elements. Opinions ?

Planet/Level selection v14.12.15

Planet/Level selection v14.12.15


Hey ! We all in the team have been very busy those last weeks, that's why the last post is two months old, but we wanted to let you know that we're still...

[Announcement] Android only ? Not anymore

[Announcement] Android only ? Not anymore


We've received great feedback so far about the game as we post new content on several forums. Unfortunately, some people were disappointed as we had planned...

Title music (30 sec)

Title music (30 sec)


Today we've decided to shake habits up a bit to share with you a short preview of the music you'll hear when browsing the menus...

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