Serum is a Stealth action / Survival horror game set in a unique dystopian environment. Your character is left to survive on the dangerous streets of Delta 16, a gritty, cyberpunk environment built in the wake of a viral pandemic. The population has decreased to a point where law and order has become an arduous task, and almost completely shunned by local Government bodies. To survive in this area of serious urban decay, you will need the serum (E6S) to counter its affliction. This title may be built by only a hand full of designers but contains all the heart and soul of a AAA rated release.

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Arrival at IndieDB

News 2 comments

We are just shy of 12 months into development, which includes storyboarding and concept art. Serum has been a Goliath task so far due to its scope and scale of gameplay, however design has picked up speed with the help of fellow designers.

We are currently working on a theatrical trailer for the game, and have approached musicians in order to score the video. There is also a chuck of Mo-cap data that requires cleaning in order to be used for the media release.

Our arrival on indieDB however is one of the most exiting encounters so far, since we can now connect and gain feedback from our prospective audience. We have the deepest respect for your feedback and will endeavour to keep you all informed at every stage of development.

So here's to you, all of you.
Thank you.

MastaYoda1 - - 103 comments

It is dead? Otherwise traking

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momomo544 - - 101 comments

Tracking because this looks really cool :)

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Taquito - - 391 comments

Futuristic themes are my favorite for games. Tracking.

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