Second Star is a sci-fi, single-player adventure role-playing game! Embark on an interstellar journey 200 years in the future as you follow the footsteps of a missing ship and her crew.

200 years in the future...

Private corporation Dayspring Industries recruited and sent eight of humanity's bravest and brightest on a mission to the far reaches of space. The Second Star was praised as humanity’s hope for opening up the rest of the galaxy for exploration and expansion...until contact was lost and the mission abandoned.

Ten years later, an independent astronomy research facility in southern Chile announced that they had detected a distress call from a beacon outside our solar system. A multinational effort is announced shortly after to put a new team of astronauts together with the hope of finding the Second Star, her crew, and some long-awaited answers.

Make your own story

You are Dr. Lee, the science officer of the Persistence. Embark on a journey with a specialized crew of five fellow astronauts and one artificial intelligence as you follow the footsteps of the Second Star.

Your background and expertise make you the perfect choice to explore and uncover clues on the alien planets the Second Star visited. Choose from one of four protagonist voices and interact with a fully-voiced cast of characters in a narrative-driven experience where your decisions have repercussions.

Voyage through deep space

Explore varied and immersive environments in a single player, first person adventure featuring captivating visuals and an enchanting musical score. Use your creativity to problem-solve as you navigate physical and mental challenges in your search for the Second Star.

Get to know the crew of the Persistence

You're a long way from home. To survive the pressures of a deep space mission, you'll need to form strong relationships with your crewmates. Interact with characters who are diverse and multi-faceted. Each of them has a story to tell and choosing to pursue a deeper relationship–professional, friendly, or more–with your crew mates will open up more dialogue options and content.

Enhance your excursions with crafting and hydroponics

Craft upgrades for your ship and suit using the Persistence’s state-of-the-art Fabricator and blueprints discovered on planets or given to you by your crew mates. Replenish your supplies using resources you find on planets or even cultivate your own rare alien specimens in the lab's hydroponics bay.

A fully-voiced sci-fi adventure

A cast of veteran voice actors bring the characters of Second Star to life.

About the Developers

Dyscordion Entertainment is an indie game studio with a passion for creating immersive, story-driven games with memorable and diverse characters. Founded in 2019, our team is composed of veteran artists, illustrators, game masters, writers, and programmers hailing from all over the world.

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Hello from Dyscordion!


Hi all! We are Dyscordion Entertainment and we wanted to do a quick introduction and share a bit about us and our game, Second Star.

So, a little bit about us first - we're a group of 14 who got together in 2019 and decided to make the game we all wanted to play. We even have a cool mission statement: to bring immersive, story-driven games with memorable and diverse characters to players everywhere.

That part about diversity is a pretty big deal to us - we're a team of veteran artists, illustrators, game masters, writers, and programmers hailing from all over the world so we have our own unique backgrounds and experiences to influence our creative processes. We're also pretty silly and like to joke around a lot while we make the game. Which brings us to the next big thing we want to talk about: the game!

Second Star is what we call an adventure role-playing game. What does that mean exactly? If you’re a fan of exploration and solving puzzles but also like getting to choose what kind of character you want your protagonist to be while driving the relationships you have with other characters during your journey—that’s exactly what we’re building. Also, it’s in space.

A Second Star demo is coming

First, we want to announce that we are going to be releasing a playable demo of Second Star. This will be available for anyone who would like to give Second Star a try and will include a nice chunk of gameplay and some of the story (non-spoiler of course). We’ll definitely want to hear what you think so if you’re interested in trying out Second Star, head over to our home page and sign up for the demo. You’ll get a welcome email (make sure you check your junkmail box, too!) and will be on the list to receive the download link when the demo releases for PC and Mac OS. We’re still hard at work on it and we’ll keep you updated on progress.

In Second Star, you play as Dr. Lee, the scientist of the Persistence more than 200 years in the future. You, along with a crew of 5 humans and 1 artificial intelligence, have been tasked with finding the Second Star, an exploration space vessel missing for 10 years. Your journey will take you to several locations far away from home, but you’ll also be spending a lot of time in the Persistence’s state-of-the art laboratory. We should note that this footage won’t be exactly like the final game, and it’s currently without audio. The demo will be fully voiced however, so there is that to look forward to.

It can’t all be work for Lee, though. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and look out the window for a bit, even when you’re rocketing through space.

Lee can observe objects in their proximity and comment on them.

Lee isn’t alone in their lab, either. ANAVI, the ship’s resident A.I., helps Lee with a variety of tasks, including but not limited to crunching data, analyzing samples, and making small talk.

ANAVI makes sure Lee doesn’t get too lonely.

Lee can do more than just look at things, though. They can also pick stuff up and keep it in their inventory for later.

You never know when an air canister might come in handy.

Collection is a big part of Second Star. Everything you pick up has a use whether it’s apparent at first or not. Using the ship’s onboard Fabricator, Lee can craft a variety of items using blueprints learned from their excursions or other crew members.

Lee’s Inventory. Inspect any item up close for a 360 degree view.

Conversation also drives a lot of Second Star’s content. Lee can use their personal communicator to chat with any member of the Persistence crew–both on and off the ship. The crew also monitors Lee during planetside excursions, making sure Lee’s suit is functional and helping with any obstacles encountered during the trip.

Pay attention to what the crew says, however. Your decisions (and how you say them) can and will affect the story. Don’t worry–you’ll have some helpful dialogue icons to assist you along the way.

We really like hexagons.

Every character in the game has a story to tell and choosing to pursue a deeper relationship–professional, friendly, or more–with your crew mates will open up more dialogue options and content.

Joey, the Persistence engineer, often asks Lee to craft tools for her though she freely admits some of them aren’t exactly “safe”.

We hope this sneak peek gets you as excited about the game as we are. We want to hear from you, too! Just hit us up on Twitter or better yet, tell your friends about Second Star. Don’t forget to sign up for the demo if you haven’t!

For now we leave you with song from Second Star’s OST: the theme of the Persistence. Enjoy!

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