Story Background

What if we told you that there is another side to this world? That the established order of our existence is under constant threat from an unknowable number of horrifying abominations. Most of humanity has never encountered these anomalies - a creature that kills anyone who sees its face, a cult capable of causing worldwide disasters, everyday objects that take on otherworldly powers, and other monstrosities beyond our comprehension. Standing between them and us mere mortals lies humanity's last line of defense - a mysterious global organization committed to "secure, contain, and protect". Meet the SCP Foundation.

Your Roles

Rookie researcher Karl, a new employee at the SCP Foundation, is assigned to help organize some of the Foundation's top-secret files. However, something inexplicable happens while he is browsing the archives. Carl's perception of the world gradually changes, and even his psyche becomes seriously affected. Can you retain your grasp on sanity after experiencing these anomalies?

Unique Experiences

SCP: Secret Files offers a diverse range of gameplay experiences – investigate a mysterious hydroelectric power plant, immerse yourself in an uplifting fable, or delve into a bizarre, retro-inspired world. Each story introduces its own tone, mechanics, and cast of characters.

SCP Lore

The world of the SCP Foundation covers a wide variety of ideas, encompassing people and creatures, objects and phenomena, abstract concepts, and even supreme beings such as SCP-3999. Likewise, these stories examine a wide range of themes, including horror, science fiction, comedy, mythology, and more. We have designed our game to be an SCP-fan's dream experience, as well as the perfect primer for those unfamiliar with the weird and wonderful lore of the SCP Foundation.

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SCP Secret Files, an anthology title set in the SCP universe, has received a release date penned for September. Taking an interesting direction for SCP fangame, it's looking to be a breath of fresh air - so here's five SCP mods to warm up to the universe (and believe it or not they're not all for Containment Breach!)

SCP:CB - Project Resurrection

By "Project Resurrection" Team

SCP-001's Containment Chamber

SCP - Containment Breach: "Project Resurrection" (Formerly known as More SCPs/SCPs Mod) is a compilation "revival" and add-on mod featuring dead popular mods such as "Box Of Horrors" and "Fan Breach" as well as adding new content (along with unused content from the original game) which belongs to "Project Resurrection".

SCP - Containment Breach : The Dark Confinement Mod

By Dark Confinement Studios


This mod aims to make SCP - Containment Breach scarier than ever before, while also changing up the story a bit. New custom textures help change the art style of the game and make it more unrecognisable, partnered with updated looks for some of the game's most iconic SCPs, new sound effects, and a new voice acting cast. New rooms widen the depth of the complex and the lengths you'll have to go to to survive.

SCP-087-C Mod

By SCP-C Team

Image 4

Before Containment Breach, there were a smattering of other SCP-themed horror titles focusing on particular SCPs - one of the most iconic of which being SCP-087-B, a gigantic, infinitely sprawling industrial staircase with a beastie inside you do not want to meet. Even in its earliest form, SCP's community was user driven with mods a possibility, and this mod enhances the chronology of the infinite staircase further.

SCP - Terror Hunt Mod

By llaezza_01


Terror Hunt is a modification for "SCP - Containment Breach". The mod is developed by the same creator of the Five Nights at Freddy's Mod. This mod adds and alters many aspects of the base game. These additions include new SCPs, new rooms, new items, and a brand new storyline for the main character! Containment Breach has received all sorts of mods that expand the SCP offering and projects like Terror Hunt go some way to ensuring CB is a solid way to get all the SCPs you could ever want in one place.

SCP : Dark Confinement Origins

By Dark Confinement Studios

Cultish Room

Made by the same folks behind Dark Confinement for CB, this mod is a love letter to 2000s era horror with a deliberately outdated art style that channels the classic Resident Evil and Silent Hill look. Built on Amnesia's formidable horror basis this time, Dark Confinement Origins takes a deeper, darker look at the protagonist than most SCP projects, tackling issues of mental health in a grim narrative.

Opening Up

SCP is a series of community-created beasties numbered and given stories on a wiki which anyone is free to submit an entry to. Representing a pretty unique case of a "crowd-sourced IP", it's a rare opportunity for indie game creators as a recognisable franchise with very little in the way of IP ownership to have to navigate around. In recent years we've seen a number of SCP indies come and go, and the next to garner attention is Secret Files, an anthology-based SCP game that at Gamescom had its release date penned at this September 13th.

Image 7

Secret Files takes a novel approach with each SCP being
a little anthology game with a new experience each time

Black Ink

Most games in the SCP franchise take you into some facility or other and ask you to make your way back out alive, but Secret Files' approach to showing you individual SCPs as stories across different mediums makes it stand out from the pack, and we're interested to see what they do with well-trodden source material.

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