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SCP-432, game for Windows and Android platforms. Support us!

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deffintally worth waitng for each update! this game actually scares the **** out of me


Marzio99 says

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Ahahaha the monster have a horrible face but is lol
Is a good creation of SCP-432


1feihu says

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this is the first awesome game i have found in such a long time :D i love to get the **** scared out of me


Very nice idea and loads of potential :)

I know the game is in an early state, but i just want to give you guys my main critique points of the game ^^

- You don't really experience the feeling of being hunted by the monster, because it kind of just teleports around you and it gets you too fast once you're near it.
- If you beat the game (if you find the box) you dont have this satisfying feeling of beating a game you know? xD like there are two endings, but in both of them you still get cought.
- The monster dooesn't make you jump or scare you that much (what should be the main point of a horror game imo)

But for now I enjoyed the game and i'm looking forward to some more nice improvements :)

And here's my Let's Play of version 1.3



soooo scary! worth the wait!


Basicly awesome if you really want a jumpscare!

Dommage pour les bugs de souris :/

The game is DAMN SCARY. However, I think it's unfair that the predator is able to move through walls. I read a little about that SCP, and I think you created the game in a VERY good way. Only thing I didn't really understand were the artifacts themselves, why would you pick up 'leaves' while in that maze? I think something more reasonable would be for example an arm so you can prove there is something there. Just the artifacts were the things I didn't like, I never really saw more than two of them because I died twice and left the game... couldn't play anymore xD I think you made a really REALLY good job with this one :)




unknowndarkboy0 says

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