Welcome to Schwarzwald. A singleplayer psychological horror experience set in the Black Forest of southwest Germany.

We meet our playable character Sam, as they awake inside the walls of the place that never quite felt like home. As Sam, you begin to notice reality shift in front of your eyes as you begin to realize that you are not alone, and that there is something dark that lurks in the shadows.

While hunted by the demon you must best her trickery and find your way to safety. But watch out, your instincts WILL betray you.

  • Investigate To Escape Look for clues, collect items and attempt to make your way to the main town in the midst of the night.
  • Non-linear Exploration - Explore the group home and the forest with things changing around you. While there is a path forward, you must re-traverse and look around to progress.
  • Go Against Your Instincts - Encounter traps that test your ability to react to your fear. Your fear response is determined at the start and the game is adapted to trick you.
  • Just Horror - Schwarzwald intends to break the meta with less busy work to make room for more fear and fun.
  • Immersive Horror Experience - Feel like you are experiencing everything first hand, with color themes and soundscapes built to make you feel like you embody the character as you play.
  • Hidden Easter Eggs - Find dev easter eggs throughout the game and gain achievements.
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Schwarzwald's first teaser!


Evil lurks in the shadows.

Schwarzwald's first teaser! Release date to be announced!

WISHLIST Schwarzwald on steam now:


Schwarzwald BG

Schwarzwald is officially on Steam!

Schwarzwald is officially on Steam!


Ready to face the demon? 😈 Schwarzwald is now up on Steam!! Go hit that wishlist button and share with your friends!

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looks awesome!

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