Savage is equal parts inspired by the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard, my fascination with Zelda II (yes, yes, I know - the black sheep of the Zelda family), other games of its ilk (like Gargoyle's Quest) and a healthy dose of general barbarian fetishism.

The final product will (hopefully) include a varied, somewhat open world to explore, an interesting little tale filled with machismo, magic and muscles, day/night cycle, overworld hunting/tracking, lots of action/platforming, fun melee system and some mild RPG elements (item use, leveling up, gear, crafting and the like).

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Hail, Loinclothed Heathens!

An oldie but a goodieAn oldie but a goodie

Let's get some bad news out of the way RIGHT NOW, shall we? It is becoming crushingly apparent that I won't get to a 100% finished Savage powerhouse of a game by the end of this year. BUT, what I've got right now is fantastically close. It's feeling better (mechanically and content-wise) than I could have ever imagined, so we're getting there!

There is indeed a shiny new playable build to talk about, too, so let's dive in!

Leveling the Playing Field

Item number one for me over the last couple of months has been to MAKE. THE MAP. MATTER! I'm churning out stages, levels and areas like crazy, so here's a sneak peak at one of the more complicated areas I've had to tackle:

Here's a visual guide I've been using to manage this maze-like location known as "Hell's Teeth" (which has some equally menacing lore behind it. Details will be found in item descriptions and NPCs for players to piece together)....

... And, upon entering any of those lettered "nodes", or entrances, we wind up in the above grid (this is pretty much my ode to the Death Mountain stage in Zelda 2).

Navigating the catacombs, ruins and caves that comprise this area is no joke, and you can expect some nasty surprises!

Here are a few glimpses into some of the new nightmarish locations:

These new areas also feature a host of new props and background assets:

Shield Slammin' Noctwurmin' Nightmares

With new places comes new faces. And things with which to murder them. Among them is the Nocturm Cult - a clan of Gosenian death worshippers. Specifically, they bow to The Noctwurm, an aspect of the horned serpent, Abhan Yloth. The two have been seperated so long, they have confused each other for separate entities and have therefore become enemies, one attempting to devour the other.

Some of the new pieces of gear:

It was personally exciting to me to FINALLY get in some heater shield type designs, as well as finally getting in some two-handed axe slaughter time!

Let the Bodies Hit the Other Bodies

One of the hallmarks that I have really tried to get right about the game world I'm trying to create has been interactivity and rules. Rules that all other actors/entities/objects should adhere to (albeit in a whacky 2D barbaric environment). A lot of the feedback I've gotten from viewing folks playing the game has shown some holes in the delivery of this philosophy - one of them being, EVERYBODY tries to pick up corpses!

Well... be disappointed no further!

Yup - you can now pick up, carry, and throw corpses (this includes all the savagely hilarious situations that spring from this, like picking up a downed undead warrior, tossing him into another, and both of them shattering in a shower of bone fragments).

On a related note, this following depiction of more fun with corpses is coming in the next update:

You can see there that corpses will be affected by fire and will stop arrows, making them (corpses) makeshift shields against hazards coming at you from above (including things like falling spikes, acid, etc.)! This also means LIVING enemies, where applicable, will ALSO be affected by things like fire, acid, etc.

Music and Mayhem

Here's a peak at some of the tunes I'm working on that you'll hear in a later game *spoiler*, where *spoiler* summons the *spoiler* causing the player to *spoiler* the *spoiler*:

Mysterious WIP Music

Though there's work yet to do, all the art, programming, music and mechanics are already blending together to create something that is not just fun, but satisfying to play for you all, and a world full of interesting things and places to discover.

Patch Notes and Update List

That about wraps it up for the highlights of the update. Here's the usual detailed breakdown of what's new in the latest build:

  • Fixed making Crogyle hostile and breaking Losech NPC
  • Fixed game crashing when pushing, pulling, or carrying a solid outside of screen boundaries
  • Fixed player getting "sucked" into an enemy shield when striking enemies with high knockback resist
  • Fixed player not bouncing off of larger enemies that use unusually shaped damage masks when downward striking them
  • Fixed player not bouncing off of enemy shields when downward striking them
  • Fixed downward or upward striking with main weapon causing attacks with sub weapon not being reset to horizontal
  • Fixed a bug where lifting an object near a solid sends you into the solid, getting you permanently stuck
  • Fixed a series of enemy corpse hit boxes to make them more appropriately sized
  • Fixed grabbing onto jump-through ledges sometimes not working. Now about a billion times more reliable (actual math... Actually, not really. But it works way better)
  • Fixed carrying object snap-to location calculation
  • Fixed walking down slopes while carrying an object resetting the state to look like the animation isn't playing
  • Fixed carried block "landing" on a jump-through platform or solids triggering landing FX (like dust clouds) when it shouldn't. This also fixes the player's vertical speed being killed for a frame when doing so
  • Fixed if roll dodging, pushing jump while overlapping ladder will descend ladder - THEN, pushing down to climb down, running out of ladder space, Kell will be stuck in the duck state until landing on solid ground and pushing jump
  • Fixed moving on platform shifts kell when platform changes direction
  • Fixed if vspd < 0 and kell jumps up into platform, kell is stuck in air state, presumably stuck inside platform. he then moves along with platform
  • Fixed Kell rubberbanding around moving platforms if you are in the wall cling state (walljump prepare) and the moving platform changes direction
  • Fixed one-way moving platforms causing issues if they pass over kell while he is ledge hanging/climbing a different platform or solid
  • Fixed Kell not "following" a moving one-way-moving-ledge if ledge hanging off of it
  • Changed the method of corpse hit box assignment, making lifting them, tossing them, and generally interacting with them more visually accurate, AND it just feels better
  • New NPCs
  • A series of new shields
  • New "SKS" flavored easter egg weapons and item descriptions
  • Tweaked stat requirements across multiple pieces of gear
  • Fixed throwing weapons returning "0" amounts of ammo
  • Tweaked spawn types on overworld map
  • Tweaked healing properties on some recovery items
  • Player can now upward/downward strike with weapons equipped to sub slot
  • Player can now attack with throwing weapons upward and downward
  • Player can now lift, carry, and throw corpses (for some savagely humorous results)
  • Added running water FX (shallow water, waterfalls, etc.)
  • New pretty (er, I mean, brutal) waterfall backgrounds
  • Added Noctwurm cultist enemies (with several randomized elements)
  • Completed Hell's Teeth location
  • Added new visual props and graphics elements for Noctwurm cultist locations
  • Added consistent visuals to the contextual item menu
  • Changed the "level up" menu method (now, drinking from Essence Vessels gives you "level up" option. Choosing this takes you directly to the level up menu where you can assign stats)
  • Begun work on "Kuchvek's Crossing" area
  • Changed frequency of bad weather
  • Tweaked "darkness" of bad weather (especially at night)

Streamer Roundup

There has been a whole HOST of very talented and entertaining people taking a crack at the game and introducing it to their audiences. To them, I say THANK YOU for giving the game a shot and spreading the word!

Click on those links and give those fellas a follow, if you'd be so kind!!

(SourKoolaidShow's stream specifically had me in stitches:

And that's a wrap on this update! If you want to follow along with development more closely, come take a look at my Twitch page where I stream live development!

If you're curious for more insight, I have the HUGE pleasure of hanging out with my friend Tim to bring you a brand spankin' new podcast! We're going to make this a thing every other Wednesday from now on!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season! Thank you SO MUCH for all your support, and I will see you next year!!


Thrusting All Over

Thrusting All Over

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New Playable Build!

New Playable Build!

News 3 comments

DreamHack Austin, PC Gamer Interview, and NEW BUILD!

'Tis The Trailer!

'Tis The Trailer!

News 1 comment

New pre-launch trailer is now live! Direction, cinematography, visual FX - Christine Carstairs.

Seven Palette Army

Seven Palette Army

News 5 comments

Talking about new and palette swapped enemies, area and level tuning, and a bunch more!

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SAVAGE The Shard of Gosen Alpha Demo 8.6

SAVAGE The Shard of Gosen Alpha Demo 8.6

Demo 4 comments

2018.01.19 - Updated to a8.6 This build will be updated while the game is in alpha

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen alpha 4.5

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen alpha 4.5


SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen alpha 4.5 - Lots of new content in this update, including shields and the undead!

Savage: The Shard of Gosen (public alpha 03)

Savage: The Shard of Gosen (public alpha 03)

Demo 1 comment

This public alpha build has been rebuilt on a new architecture, and is what I'll be using throughout development from now on. This build fixes a number...

Halloween Goodies Bag

Halloween Goodies Bag


I threw together some goodies for you (or anyone who's interested) to consume! The "bag" includes: Wallpapers, NES retro controller overlays, and a few...

Savage: The Shard of Gosen (second public alpha)

Savage: The Shard of Gosen (second public alpha)

Patch 12 comments

Second playable build, alpha is out! - 10/21/2013

Savage: The Shard of Gosen (first public alpha)

Savage: The Shard of Gosen (first public alpha)

Demo 12 comments

So - I have shamelessly copied/pasted the following from my ​Game Jolt page (because, no sleep for a billion hours!! :D ) - I made it! I managed to...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 46)

The new build looks awesome. It's really neat to see all of the extra story you're putty into it.

One question about the build though. I got to the part where all the villagers are mining and there is an iron door and gold door near by. Watching your playthrough it seemed like this was where I can talk to them and receive a pick axe. However for some reason I can't interact with anyone or with the doors even though I have iron keys.

Might just be a big on my system or perhaps I'm totally brain dead and am just missing something :)

Win10 Pro
Intel Core i7 920


Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
toborprime Creator

Oh crap! Sorry for the late reply -- IndieDB doesn't alert me to new comments (every blue moon the notification system decides to work).

The NPC dialogue and interactions are coming in the next patch -- as of now they aren't implemented yet and you do not need the pickaxe to progress. If you go to the room immediately to the left of the slaves, one of the crates will contain an iron key that you can use to get into the iron key door.

From there, the rest of the demo is accessible.

Of course, you can always wait til the patch is deployed to engage in conversations, the new quests, etc.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Looks awesome!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
toborprime Creator


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Really good stuff so far! It's quite tough but really satisfying and it looks and controls brilliantly.

If you don't mind me saying though, the sound design and music style doesn't quite seem to fit. Visually, it looks like a Super Nintendo game and the chiptunes and simple synthesized sounds feel a bit out of place next to that kind of visual fidelity. The melodies and such are really cool, but I think they'd fit better played by orchestral instruments. Preferably using less realistic/cheaper sounding VSTs to capture that early 90s SNES sound. The walking sounds can be a bit loud as well, but it's an alpha so I'm guessing sound levels are really not a priority right now!

Just my two cents anyway, really looking forward to playing this in full!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
toborprime Creator

Thanks Scrabbit! Yeah, I have yet to do a real audio pass on everything (those pesky footstep noises included) -- and the music will get a bit of a makeover as well. Won't be quite the synthesized midi-esque symphonic stuff of, say, the SNES, but it will sound more high fidelity than straight up NES chiptunes. The stuff in the game right now is mostly place holder.

This is all stuff on the todo list to be tackled once the game is nearly complete.

Thanks again!

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Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I played the first alpha version and the latest version. I noticed that in the first version, you could move faster on the map by holding "A" and moving with the arrow keys. In the last version, it doesn't work anymore. Anyway, i love the concept of the game. Awesome graphics and gameplay, but there's one thing i noticed... Wooden Club does almost the same damage as the sword, but the club hits a lot faster than the sword.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
toborprime Creator

Hey, thanks for giving it a shot! Holding the 'A' button while on the map screen was a debug thing I forgot to remove that allowed me to zoom around the map.

And yes -- for that build you played (which is around 2 years old by now) I did almost no balancing and just sort of threw a prototype together.

These issues, and more, are getting fixed up. Thanks again for playing, and for commenting!

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Any plans on a early steam release?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
toborprime Creator

Good grief - sorry for the late reply. IndieDB refuses to alert me to comments.

Are you referring to Early Access? I want to avoid releasing the game in that way. I don't think a game like this would do well in a retail system like that, since it's not a "living" game - i.e., procedurally generated with tons of modular elements added over time each year, and all that.

It would be like playing Super Mario Bros. 3 or something, where like, every month a new zone or handful of levels was added.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is Savage dead? We haven't received any news.

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toborprime Creator


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