Just a casual gamer who loves horror, interesting and weird games.
When I say I'm casual, that's because of two main reasons:
1. I am too lazy to try something new
2. When i find something new that i actually like, i get so excited and get the most i can out that specific game and just feel empty inside after i finish it and i don't really know what to do with my life afterwards.
I only post stuff from time to time whenever i have what to talk about.

System specs:

CPU : not good enough
GPU : not good enough
RAM : not enough
Storage : not enough

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Hello people!

Today I will talk about an interesting game mod which isn't exactly a mod itself, but a complete remake for a game you are most likely to know already. If you've ever heard about Shadow Of Chernobyl, then you probably know I talk about S.T.A.L.K.E.R. This module we talk about today is called Lost Alpha DC.


This so-called game module brings a whole no experience from the Exclusion Zone, a whole new improved and extended map you can explore with lots of new things implemented. For example, if you played S.o.C for more than half an hour you've probably seen already what an anomaly looks like. In the second game of the series, the producers changed the way you find and take the artifacts. In the first game, if you wanted to find an artifact, you simply needed to walk around and see some sparkling thing in the eyesight on the ground. Well, things are a bit different now. In Lost Alpha DC, as in Clear sky and Call Of Prypiat, you have to walk with the artifact detector in the heart of the anomaly and the artifact simply jumps and reveals itself in your eyesight.


Therefore, this is what you should expect to see when you approach the artifact.

But that's not all. We talk about a whole new game experience, and since the fan-made mod turned into a complete new game in 2014, there was a lot of progress done in multiple fields of the game. For instance, now you have upgradable armor and a lot more upgrades for the fire guns, you can now drive vehicles around the exclusion zone ( but keep in mind that the petrol runs out very very fast ).


Even though you are probably familiar with the series and you've probably finished the three games of the series already, you still have to keep in mind that this is a fan-made game. Of course, the map itself is so much bigger, you have three different types of flashlights you can use and depending on that you use more or less battery (yes, you do need batteries now to keep your flashlight working, but if you have enough roubles, you can actually buy night vision lenses), the abandoned town of Prypiat is now bigger, but still... at some point you can see that this game isn't their official release. The game suffers of some bugs. Firstly, from having a few to none mobs you have to gun down in order to survive, you realise that you just got into a situation where there's too many of them and you don't really have enough first aid kits or bandages, or if you have both of these, you most certainly don't have enough ammo. This is probably why a lot of people tend to give this mod a lower score compared to the originals. I mean yes, you are probably very excited that you are finally next to the core of the worst nuclear accident in the mankind history, but this is probably one of the few things you will enjoy.

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But if you play this game in order to feel the vibe of that specific area you probably want to visit at some point in your life, then yes, you will enjoy it. But if you never tried playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. , the original series, then you probably should before trying this game out. I would rate the game 7/10 for the gameplay since there's a few bugs with the NPCs, but i would also rate it 10/10 for the eastern-european environment which turned out to look like the real environment from Ukraine, just as good as the original series. Therefore, i would give it a score of 8.5/10.

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Two Sides is a small indie company from Romania. We make games "If we have ideas".


hey bro!

hows been! didn't hear from you for a while!

making any new games?

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