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Samer Hills is a post-apocalyptic thriller...


  • 2017 Release.
  • Currently for PC (Mac + Linux support may follow later on)
  • From the creator of "Potato Thriller" (Samer Khatib aka Snowconesolid)
  • Not Asset Flip (But think what you want.)
  • All feedback and criticism welcome.


Trailer - Edited and directed by Samer Khatib

Trailer Music - Bensound.com


UPDATE: 6/15/2017

Originally posted to Steam GreenLight. However, do to changes on Steam. GreenLight has been shutdown and the game didn't make it in time. With that said, this game will become available through Steam Direct in the future as it is being reworked to be something more than just Samer Hills.

For those interested, here is the original Steam GreenLight page: Steamcommunity.com

Link maybe removed in the future by Steam if they decide to completely erase all GreenLight Pages down the road.

Thanks everyone for the support. See you on Steam Direct soon!

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Sightings of lights...


Many reports of strange abnormal lights in the sky throughout the region have been emerging. Some who have been able to get close enough claim to hear unusual sounds sdkefc*00p1000000000(,.hujje.klore.chauj Scientist say it is nothing to worry about...











myEyes Lamp





woodMan 1

WoodMan FACE 2 1

Missing persons Hotline.info

Missing persons Hotline.info


Numerous individuals gone missing after outbreak occurred. To report a missing person please call 3^!-%6&-=!93L.

Seek medical attention...

Seek medical attention...


Early signs of infection include blurred vision and strong body deformation such as stretching of skin. Avoid merging into walls if skin becomes too flaccid...

Severe symptoms include:

Severe symptoms include:


Heart burn, fungal infection, loss of motor functions, loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of speaking, hardening of skin, wood growth, severe diarrhea...

Everything will be alright...

Everything will be alright...


The source is still unknown from where the (^&<>%rRcH3=-!.coaKs(] virus originated but, it is okay. Everything will be fine...

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