Secure the game early before full release!

"Run Viking, Run!" is a simple INFINITE runner platform game I made. This is the first game I have made and as since it is fairly simple. The game features a pixel art aesthetic and chiptuney music. Currently only the infinite mode is available. Each time you start the level it will be randomized and procedurally generated! Within time this game will become the demo for a fuller "RVR" game featuring more enemies, goodies, polish, and handcrafted levels.

The level is randomly generated using a grid based system. You may notice familiar pieces but each time you play they will be in different spots.

To start the level tap your screen!
Tap to jump and give a firm swipe down to fall through wooden bridges. Sometimes you'll need to do this in order to continue!
Walljump by jumping into a wall and jump again! Viking King automatically switches directions! Rad!

Take off your viking helmet and put on your kingly crown. You are the VIKING KING now! Not just any king though, the king of running! Why battle for Asgard when you have Midgard matters to attend to? Like running and getting swole legs? Other vikings battle for Asgard and Valhalla but you are man with no need for such heavenly matters.

I hope you enjoy my game! Email any questions, comments or concerns to me. I love to hear any and all kinds of feedback.


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Version 1.1.2 Out


We've got ourselves a wild update here! I noticed the audio levels for some tracks were ear shattering high so I appended that. I also made some better temporary icons for the game. They're still not the best but I'm sure maybe some neato artist out there would do an iconset for me! ;D

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