To understand what RuinValor is you must first gain knowledge of how it came to be. The roots of my desire to make video games can be traced back to Neverwinter Nights; while the singleplayer certainly leaves something to be desired the multiplayer was the jewel amongst the stone in my mind. Packed with a toolset editor, the ability to create, modify, and share worlds of your own is what interested me the most. Couple that with an in game Dungeon Master mode to enhance story telling for the hosts player base and what you obtain is a powerful set of tools that assist in maintaining interest in a game long after its initial release. I have long believed that if you put the proper tools in the hands of the people who make content ( modders and such ) the life of the game can be infinitely extended. game. Throughout the design process I have ensured the core concept for all systems put in place rely on the single factor of customization.

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Feb 3 2013 Anchor

This week our focus has been on the development of the skill system. Unlike most games the server owners will have near full control to make their own abilities. To do this we must define a very robust system with very basic rules that will govern all other aspects. The idea is to provide them with spell/skill types and let them mix and match as they choose or use the basic ones we will add throughout the development process.

Our biggest hurdle is to come up with the foundation that will define all of this. Our first task was to sit down and define categories of spells so that they can be classified into groups. Once the basic classification type was set we could define the spell further by talking about how it might react. To do that we needed to define types of skill/spells. Here is what we came up with:

  • Active
  • Passive
  • Passive + Active
  • Fire and Forget

These behavior types would define a set of parameters that could then be used by the serverowner ( spell maker ). To be able to manage this properly we needed to define aspects of code that would be referenced through these spell/skill documents. Sort of like an instance that could be easily called. We started to come up with the most ideal route to handle this and realized that the best option would be to define these elements to be pulled via some form of API at a later point in time. The complexity of this is rather daunting but at its current state we have a working architecture of it all. It is our hope that within the next two weeks we could have a completed skill/spell system in place that would be near 100% modifiable within a measurable means of ease. I will keep you posted as we gain more information.

What type of skills/spells would you like to see?

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Jun 21 2013 Anchor

Type of skills? Heres mine!

  • Stomp (Stun hostile units in a large area + reduces 10% of hostile units' health) - Active
  • Throw Boulders (Pick and throw huge boulders/rocks to an area either small or large) - Active
  • Earthquake (Shake a large area that damages every unit in the area) - Active
  • Rage (Increases damage dealt by 20%, reduces armor by 10%) - Active
  • Mana Boost (+10% speed of mana replenishment) - Passive + Active
  • Battlecry (Increases damage dealt by 10%) - Passive
  • Spike (Summon spikes that damage and slow hostile units in a large area temporarily for about 3s) - Active

Well those are my ideas for the Gorgane. Maybe some fits for the others like, battlecry, Rage, Mana Boost may fit for all races. :D

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