To understand what RuinValor is you must first gain knowledge of how it came to be. The roots of my desire to make video games can be traced back to Neverwinter Nights; while the singleplayer certainly leaves something to be desired the multiplayer was the jewel amongst the stone in my mind. Packed with a toolset editor, the ability to create, modify, and share worlds of your own is what interested me the most. Couple that with an in game Dungeon Master mode to enhance story telling for the hosts player base and what you obtain is a powerful set of tools that assist in maintaining interest in a game long after its initial release. I have long believed that if you put the proper tools in the hands of the people who make content ( modders and such ) the life of the game can be infinitely extended. game. Throughout the design process I have ensured the core concept for all systems put in place rely on the single factor of customization.

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Jun 23 2013

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Jan 30 2013


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