A peaceful European village is being plagued by barbarian invaders. Lucky for them, Royal Guards are here to defend the realm by the order of the King!

Royal Guards features two epic game modes:

Survival mode

Is playable as either solo or co-op with up to three players, in which the village is being attacked by barbarians while the Royal Guards are passing through the area. To fend off the waves of attackers, they will need to fortify the village, lead the villagers and fight until help arrives.

Multi-player mode

the Barbarians have recently invaded and plundered a village. Hungry for more spoils, they turn their eyes on the neighboring village where the Royal Guards are currently stationed, a turn of events resulting in a clash between the Barbarians and the Royal Guards.

Key Features

  • Multiplatform support: Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Dynamic weather and day/night system
  • Achievements, unlockable content as well as rewards
  • Cooperative survival mode
  • Multiplayer mode 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5
  • Controller support

More features are on the way, stay tuned :)

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We're happy to share background information of races in Royal Guards as well as class overviews!

Royal Guards consist of 2 mighty races;


Respected protectors and the finest warriors of the realm, known for their unshakable loyalty to the King.


When it comes to plunder, there are none better than Barbarians. They are fierce warrior who loot and burn without distinction.

Each race has divided into two main classes which are;


Melee Mastery : Allows the warrior to wield melee weapons more effectively through years of arduous training.

Sturdy : Much more durable than others in the battlefield, heavily armored Warriors can endure several hits before being knocked down.

Brute : With immense strength, sever enemy's limbs off and shatter their bones in a single blow.

Resource : Warriors are fed by fury.


Ranged Mastery : Expert in ranged arsenal, the Ranger can use ranged weapons with great accuracy.

Agile : The Ranger is quick on his feet; able to outrun their adversaries and evade attacks, taking advantage of their light armor.

Sharp Shooter : Uses ranged weapons to great effect. Their projectiles seem to have a uncanny ability to find the most vulnerable spots on their targets.

Resource : Rangers indebted their abilities to focus.

Each class will have its own perks. Some of them are ready to introduce and some are still on design phase. Please share your thoughts with us, we would like to involve with you!

More to be introduced in this week. Thus, stay tuned!

[Video] Sun and moon cycles with real time shadows

[Video] Sun and moon cycles with real time shadows


We are proud to share Royal Guards' sun and moon cycle system with real time shadows!

[Sound] Main theme music of Royal Guards is here!

[Sound] Main theme music of Royal Guards is here!


Robin Birner alias R.Cato has just finished maintheme. We are very proud to announce this stunning track!

[Logo] Royal Guards' logo is updated

[Logo] Royal Guards' logo is updated


Unfortunately, previous logo failed to represent the subject that we urged. Thereafter, we revised it.

[Sound] Composer for Royal Guards announced!

[Sound] Composer for Royal Guards announced!


Today we're proud to announce that we have found a composer for our game. The very talented Robin Birner alias R.Cato.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)
kayzersoze332 - - 2 comments

There will be a way to play as a barbarian.? Hulooghhh...! If not may be you should consider it as your upgrade project.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
dgngulcan Creator
dgngulcan - - 8 comments

Within multiplayer mode, players will be able to play as barbarians :)thank you for your interest! stay tuned!

Reply Good karma+1 vote
kayzersoze332 - - 2 comments

Looks fantastic. Looking forward to take some heads off. Let me know if you need anything. ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nitza12345 - - 30 comments

these are bunch of ready assets from torrents or unity asset store

Reply Good karma Bad karma-4 votes
Jetcutter - - 755 comments

I find it odd that you would know these are torrents

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
dgngulcan Creator
dgngulcan - - 8 comments

We do not use any illegal asset in the game. Yes the models are outsourced since we are two software engineers and since it is our first game ever, we've focused on the other aspects of video game such; game design, level design, gameplay, in short, everything but not 3D modelling. If you have any other thoughts, please feel free to comment :)

Reply Good karma+7 votes
AlexanPT - - 5 comments

I absolutely love the new look of the logo! And the game sure does look promising, looking forward to it! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
dgngulcan Creator
dgngulcan - - 8 comments

We are very grateful for your interest! :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes
-.Eagle.- - - 124 comments

Looks awesome. Is there offline coop or you are just alone in single player?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
dgngulcan Creator
dgngulcan - - 8 comments

Thank you for your compliment. There will be single and cooperative survival mode and coop mode will require internet connection.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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