Promises of glory proof false as German artillery observers try to survive the brutal tank battles of World War II

Road to Glory is an authenthic World War II singleplayer game about a unit of German artillery observers. Try to survive from the first all the way to the last days of the war. Without the means to fight your enemy directly.


  • Take part in large-scale battles on the Eastern and Western front.
  • Command a unit of scout cars and halftracks.
  • Call in artillery on enemy tanks and other units.
  • Encounter anything from the Soviet Katyusha to the German Tiger.

Road to Glory is told from the perspective of a German unit. Experience just how quickly their war, fought in the name of an evil regime, turned into a struggle for survival. How even their early victories were costly and how their advanced technology was far from superior.


Road to Glory is a personal project fueled by my interest for history and World War II.

Comments and ratings are much appreciated! The game is a work in progress. The next update will be focused on adding a story line.

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What's included?

  • Be part of an artillery observation unit with several vehicles under your command.
  • Improved gameplay with clearer objectives and more action.
  • New battles ranging from the Eastern Front to the Western Front.
  • Improved audio for better situational awareness.
  • Nine new friendly and enemy units including the Tiger heavy tank and Firefly tank destroyer.

Played Road to Glory before? Then I definitely recommend to try out version 0.3. All battles received an overhaul and the core gameplay is much improved.

New to the game? Road to Glory aims to deliver an authentic World War II singleplayer experience. It offers tactical gameplay and emphasizes the need to survive over trying to reach glory.

Road to Glory is available on and Game Jolt.

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